How tech is changing the way we shop on the NBN

nbn™ is steadily rolling out the national broadband network to all homes in OZ.

With Optus NBN you'll get simple connectivity with unlimited data. This means you can have multiple users on all devices at the same time, while you shop online. Online shopping has had to evolve along with the development of internet networks and has reshaped the way shopping is done.

Here are some of the new technologies that are changing how we online shop.

Try on glasses virtually

Don't have time to try on new glasses? You can now use your webcam or phone camera to fit the right pair. Virtual try on software creates a 3D model of your face, so that you can see how different glasses will fit you. You'll be able to find a pair that you like and purchase it online.

Create your own shoes

Want to design your own shoes? Aussie company Shoes of Prey have a 3D designer you can use online, allowing you to pick the shape, colour and height of your new shoes. You can customise anything from boots to sandals.

Order groceries from Woolworths with your Samsung fridge

Forgot to pick up milk? Just tap on your fridge's touchscreen and order more.

Samsung have teamed up with Woolworths, allowing customers to buy groceries via the Woolworths app using their internet-connected fridge. The refrigerator features a 21.5-inch interactive touchscreen on the door. What will they think of next?

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