How tech can improve work-life balance

No doubt that you may have heard of people having a work-life balance right? It's sometimes easier said than done. If you find yourself in a rut, it's probably time to make some changes. Kick it off with the following tips; take advantage of your Optus nbn™ connection and bring some balance in your daily routine.

Want flexibility? Work remotely

Work in your PJs, escape the lengthy commute and answer emails while sitting in the sunshine - are some of the benefits you've probably heard about working remotely.

You'll find that you may be less stressed, possibly save money and make better use of your time, leading to a more productive and focused workday. Who doesn't want to get loads more done at their home office while wearing their fluffy slippers?

Get your workspace and internet sorted

Ensure you have a dedicated workspace that is quiet enough to be able to take any calls or video chats. If you based from home, you may be also sharing your connection. On an Optus $80 nbn™ plan (minimum cost 24 months $1,920), it allows you to share your Wi-Fi connection. So while Sarah is happily watching The Wiggles on Netflix, you'll be able to sit through that Monday morning video conference call and access your shared drive easily.

Get organised using tech tools

From chatting co-workers or tracking your time spent on tasks; there is an abundance of apps and platforms to help you stay connected and organised.

The key is to use technology to your benefit and reduce the amount of time you spend on certain tasks. Try these tips:

  • Cut down on endless emails and calls by using an online chat tool.
  • Outsource tasks and chores like food shopping, cleaning and laundry.
  • Build a budget plan using an app. Use it to track all your spending and set some financial goals.
  • Don't under estimate the value of productivity apps; it may be the key to getting your work and life balance. Manage all your 'to-do' lists, schedule reminders and keep to your schedule.

Use your workplace wellness portal

There are plenty of online resources that help you manage your stress and well-being. It's important to strike an overall balance between work, relationships, rest, relaxation and fun.

Using outlets such as these help you maintain a healthier lifestyle and reduce the amount of stress in your life - creating a work-life balance. They may make you aware of any triggers, behaviours or thought patterns and arm you with online tools and techniques to help you.


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