How Optus works with nbn

Optus is partnering up with nbn to get you connected to superfast, reliable NBN internet.

But what does Optus do? What will nbn provide? And where does that leave you?

Here we'll explain how we work together to get superfast NBN to you.

You can check when you can start your NBN journey with nbn and Optus by searching your address on the NBN rollout map.

There's no "I" in "NBN team"

nbn is an Australian government owned corporation tasked to design, build and operate Australia's National Broadband Network.

Optus, as an internet service provider, will be able to connect superfast internet to your place once nbn is finished laying the new fibre optic cables in your area.

And together we can connect you to superfast NBN internet! #goteamNBN

So nbn provide the technology and we help get you hooked up to the new NBN network - sound good?

You can get prepared for everything NBN by going through our NBN Starter Checklist.

NBN Co will set up NBN technology in your area

The first stage in your journey to superfast broadband internet begins with nbn setting up the fibre optic cables in your area. You can find out when the NBN rollout will reach you and get updates on NBN in your area by searching your address on our NBN map and registering for NBN news.

When you've got the ok that the nbnTM Network is up and running in your street, it's time to give us a call! We'll help you decide which Optus NBN plan is right for you and then arrange your appointment with an nbnTM technician who'll install the hardware you need to get access to NBN. This will be either an nbnTM utility box or antenna, depending on what type of NBN is available in your area, and your nbnTM connection box. Not all homes will need equipment installed, but if you do, Optus has your back.

Optus will provide the tools and information to get you NBN-connected

With your plan chosen and your tech set-up, all that's left for you to do is wait for your NBN Starter Pack to arrive for the final stage of NBN connection! You can choose to set up your new modem yourself, or get someone else to do the work with our professional installation service. For a small fee, one of our experts will visit your place and sort through the cables to get you connected to superfast internet, fast!

Then it's #jobdone! Once you've plugged in your modem to mains power and connected your phone line and devices to your modem, your NBN connection journey ends and the fun of superfast internet browsing begins. Netflix marathons, unlimited downloading, watching live sports - it's all possible with Optus NBN.

You can connect a number of devices with NBN, whether at your home or at business. Plus our plans are flexible, so you can connect multiple devices and still enjoy internet speed that blitzes the speed test when you add on an NBN Speed Pack.

And you don't have to worry about changing your existing phone number when you switch to NBN, especially if you get in quick! All you have to do is connect your phone line to your new Optus modem and you'll be ready to make and receive calls. #noworries

Want to watch the magic happen?

Watch our Optus Guru Ben tackle the tech involved in connecting to NBN:

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