How fast is an NBN connection?

Are you ready to pass the speed test

NBN Co. is building the National Broadband Network that will give us a fast broadband network for homes and businesses across Australia. However there are various factors that may affect your NBN connection speed.

For the fastest speeds, you need a wired connection between your device and modem, with no other users or devices sharing your modem. Demand on the network and local conditions such as internet traffic, your line condition, your hardware and software, the data source or destination and your location that prevent or interfere with reception and speed can also impact your connection speed.

Choose the NBN speed that’s right for you

NBN fibre is the fastest broadband type we can provide. Other technologies like Fibre to the Node and Fibre to the Basement use a combination of Fibre and your current copper telephone line to deliver fast internet, but with these kinds distance from the node or basement can impact NBN speeds.

Speed Pack 1 is ideal if you're only interested in light web browsing and checking emails. If you are only likely to have one device connected to the internet at any given time, then this is the recommended NBN speed pack for you.

Speed Pack 2 is perfect for users doing data-hungry things like downloading movies and music, playing video games online or streaming live video and TV.

Speed Pack 3 is best for multiple HD video or music streams, simultaneous users, gaming and extensive downloads.

Speed Pack 4 is the fastest available. It gives you plenty of power for several people to be online all at once with multiple devices all doing data-hungry things.

How do I join Optus NBN?

Optus can help you pick which NBN plan and NBN speed pack will suit your data needs. Whether you think you're after something simple to be able to shop online, or need plenty of data to catch up on your fave shows; pick a plan, order your Optus NBN Starter Pack and plug in your devices.

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