How can a Connected Home simplify your life

It won't be long before your fridge and dishwasher are having conversations. No, seriously, they will. Inventors around the world have created concepts for - and even built - systems that will automate your home. All appliances in your home are getting in on the action: sending messages about power consumption and conservation, preferencing alerts about the contents of your fridge or whether your dishwasher needs emptying. And the NBN is making this more and more of a reality.

NBN and your connected home

For connected homes to shine, they need superfast internet. The National Broadband Network can open up opportunities for Australian homes to become 'smart' and manufacturers are already offering ways to make your systems smarter, sooner. For example, there are smart monitors that connect your existing 'dumb' appliances so you can receive alerts about energy usage and the status of your device. Before long, devices will automatically be able to integrate with appliances in your home from the moment you switch them on.

The future is now

Some smart devices are already available and affordable, such as:

  • Thermostats for your home that you can control from your smartphone. Some of them have intelligence capabilities to learn from your daily schedule (like when you're home or away) and the temperature preferences you set to give you perfect room conditions. Creators of these thermostats even claim they can help save on energy bills.
  • 'Smart' light bulbs that can control functions like dimming and colour through a smartphone app. Manufacturers say you can install multiple bulbs in your home and control them from one central system to make it more convenient, and also claim that using these types of bulbs can help to reduce energy bills.
  • Smart TVs - they've been around for a little while, but more and more are appearing on the market with continually developing features. Smart TVs not only allow you to receive all broadcast free-to-air channels, but also access and display photos, music, games, social media and videos from the internet.

Hello, convenience!

Sure smart home devices aim to simplify your life through fully-integrated, functional experiences. Many inventors optimise the convenience of their device: saving energy (and in-turn money), saving time or being timely, and offering personalised experiences to each user are among the benefits. As technology continues to be a key part our lives, we are well on our way to seeing smart homes become the norm.

Get connected to the NBN

The National Broadband Network is currently being rolled out to homes and businesses around Australia. Find out when and how you can connect.