Eight ways tech can help with your party planning

Whether it's your birthday or a house warming, the last thing you want to do is run around. Thankfully on the $80 Opus nbn™ plan, you can chose a cake design while streaming 'Orange Is The New Black' on Netflix, without leaving your lounge room.

So much to do in such little time? We've got all your party needs covered, with our pick of apps and sites that will help your streamline everything.


Creating a Facebook event is the most obvious option, but you can also send out event invites via Google and Apple Calendar. They are the quickest way to reach out to friends, easy to create and you can keep track of your RSVPs. If personalised invitations are what you're after, try Evite. You can select from their templates or create a digital invitation of your own, complete with a customised envelope.

Plan your par-tay

Apps like Pro Party Planner allow you to do everything; from budgeting for your bash to sorting out your guest list. Using disposable cups, plates and cutlery or will you use china, glass and silverware? Make sure you have the right supplies and ensure you clean, launder or iron anything you may be using in advance. Don't forget to also give your neighbours the heads up.

Let them eat cake

Ever spotted a cake creation on social media and wondered where you could get it from? On getFoodi, you'll be able to work with a baker located near you to come up with a unique masterpiece. From mini treats to custom birthday cakes, you can pick up your cake or have it delivered right to your door.

Cooking up a storm?

If you've decided to put on a spread yourself, then why not get your very own personal shopper? You'll be able to select local shops, supermarkets and even IKEA on ShopWings. Fussy about the ripeness of your fruit and veg? You can leave notes for your personal shopper to make sure they select the exact kind of produce you want. Best part? Your groceries will be delivered to you in one hour.

Picking a wine

If you are one of those people that are baffled by picking wine, then Vino is for you. It has a handy food and wine pairing guide, which asks you a series of questions to ensure your wine compliments your meal.

Cocktail hour

Don't have time to make it to the bottle-o? Tipple can deliver beer, wine and spirits cold in less than 30 minutes.


Why hire a DJ when there's Spotify? It's free to join and you can create your own playlist. Or even get your guests to create their own and play them on the night.

Clean up

Want to actually enjoy your party and be able to mingle with guests? Then get onto Airtasker and outsource everything. From setting up to getting wait staff, bartenders to extra hands cleaning up; you can get it all in just a few taps. You simply post your task with a budget and you'll get offers from Airtasker Workers. You're welcome.

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