Digital spring clean in seven simple steps

Digital spring clean in seven simple steps

Spring cleaning isn’t just about cleaning up your wardrobe or home. You should declutter and organise your digital life too.

With the amount of time we spend on our mobile phones, devices and online, it's important to remember to clean up after up yourself, just like you would around the house.

Avoid the digital clutter, get organised and streamline your digital life while using your Optus nbn™ broadband connection with these easy-to-follow tips.

Download a password management tool

If you find that you spend a mountain of time continually resetting passwords and usernames, or have been recycling the same password for the past three years, you might need a password management tool.

Password management tools are free to download online. They let you securely store all your passwords in one place and can even generate stronger passwords if you choose.

Get your inbox down to zero

Ideally we’d all love to cut down the number of emails in our inbox, to get super organised and be on top of everything at work. So how do you take control of your incoming mail? Make the ‘Rules’ feature in Outlook your best friend. Set rules so that you can organise your inbox into different folders; whether it’s by the sender’s name, subject matter or project. ‘Rules’ in Outlook allow you to cut down on the clutter and help you keep track of emails.

Clean up your social media act

Our online lives can become just as cluttered as our offline lives. It’s important to remember that you leave a social media footprint every time you post.

Social media isn’t the place to document every aspect of your life. You should be mindful that most recruiters and managers review candidate’s social media accounts before hiring.

Delete old apps and switch off notifications

Need to free up space on your smartphone or tablet? Deleting apps that you no longer use will not only give you more room, but will also extend your battery life. Deleting old apps will also help to protect your privacy as some apps collect your data while running in the background.

You should backup all of your photos and videos on external storage and try restoring your device to factory settings. This will completely wipe your cache and readjust any settings that may be slowing your phone down.

Also don’t forget to turn off your social media notifications – they drain your battery and are often distracting.

Organise your bookmarks

Imagine how much time you’ve wasted searching for a website you regularly visit. Bookmarking your most visited sites and organising them into categories saves time. It is helpful to revise your bookmarks every few months so that your folders don’t get cluttered with websites you’re not using.

Back up

Don’t take chances when it comes to precious photos and files on your computer. Ensure you back up everything using an external hard-drive, online sites or cloud based storage solutions. Then go through your entire collection and organise your media into folders.

Organise your digital files

Is your desktop a sea of random files and screenshots? You should delete the files that that don’t need. Tackle your remaining documents and organise them into folders. This will not only reduce clutter but it may boost your computer’s speed.


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