Connecting your small business to Optus nbn?

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Wondering how the NBN can help your small business?

  • Back up your data using cloud-based storage and easily share documents with your colleagues and clients (Third-party application required. Additional charges may apply).
  • Ability to effortlessly browse content-heavy websites.
  • Conduct business faster with video conferencing and use HD video to promote your business to potential customers.

What’s next? Here are a few things to consider before you select an NBN plan that suits you:

Connecting your small business to Optus nbn™

The best way to know when NBN is available in your area is to pop your address into our NBN service checker

Your online presence is important

A strong online presence is vital as customers these days research online and on mobile before engaging in services. A website, SEO and well maintained social media accounts are all crucial components of your marketing. With a stronger connection you’ll find it easier to interact with customers and potential clients.

Ensure your devices are compatible

Some of your existing devices on your current connection may not be compatible with the NBN. Go through the following checklist with each of your providers or to see if there are any alternative solutions:

  • Security alarms
  • Lift emergency phone
  • Automatic fire alarm service
  • EFTPOS machine
  • Mobile health claim terminal
  • Medical or emergency call alarm
  • Fax and teletypewriter machines


Serviceability: Available in selected areas. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee installation until we successfully install your service.


Our Optus Business Specialists can help you find the right solution for your business.

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FAIR GO POLICY APPLIES. Available in selected premises in selected areas.
Speed & Video Quality: Many factors affect speed and video quality such as internet traffic, your line condition, your hardware and software, the data source or destination, your location and the number of simultaneous video streams or other downloads you have running over your connection.