As a tenant, can I get NBN?

So the good news is you can definitely get NBN if you're leasing your property. Woohoo! But to make sure you win Tenant of the Year from your landlord, you should keep them informed about connecting your home to the NBN. There are lots of great things you can tell your landlord about the NBN, but the most important information is that NBN Co will need to install equipment on both the inside and outside of your home. Make sure you remember to get permission for that before signing up to a NBN plan offered by Optus.

So, what do I tell my landlord about the NBN?

Optus and NBN Co are doing as much as possible to inform landlords about the NBN rollout and how awesome it is at attracting quality tenants (and even quality buyers!). But you should definitely let them know how great it is too.

The first step is to inform your landlord that you need to arrange the installation for your NBN as early as possible to avoid the queues. NBN Co will install permanently-fixed equipment both on the inside and outside of the home so your landlord might want to be there for the installation. Make sure you give your landlord a heads up about the date, and let them know that re-arranging the appointment might lead to longer wait times. On the day of installation, if the landlord is not quite happy with the technician's recommended location, they can request it to be changed.

Tell your landlord that NBN Co doesn’t currently charge for a standard installation of its equipment (both inside and outside your home) - it'll be music to their ears. Optus offers a free self-install option for further equipment (such as a modem) you need to access the NBN. But when it comes to connecting your modem, you, and not your landlord, will need to cover any costs, anyway.

Important: copper will be switched off!

When NBN fibre becomes available in your area, you need to sign up to NBN before the existing copper network is switched off or you'll no longer have access to fixed landline phones or internet services.

If you have questions about your rights as a tenant, you should seek advice from a tenants' advice service or union. It's important to note these rights may vary in different states and territories.

I've got permission to get NBN, how do I connect?

First things first, check that NBN is available in your area. If NBN is available, great! You can contact Optus to help you arrange your equipment installation for an NBN plan offered by Optus. Make sure to let your landlord know when this is happening so they can attend if they wish. Once NBN Co has connected your home, Optus can either send you a self-install kit for your modem or you can request an Optus technician to install it for you (tenants will be charged a fee for a technician callout).

Chatting with Optus' friendly 24/7 service team will help you to select which NBN plan and NBN speed pack offered by Optus you need. There are lots of different options to determine your need for speed. You can even bundle your Fetch TV service for an amazing entertainment experience.

Find out when NBN will be available in your area and keep updated with the latest NBN news. So, are you ready to go fast?