Break the speed test with NBN

We've told you about how fast NBN can get you going online. So we thought we'd ask Rob, a 28 year-old Sydneysider who's been connected to NBN for almost a year, if he was feeling the NBN speed difference. And it's safe to say, he's been enjoying the lightning-fast NBN network!

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NBN internet speed is making waves

Before NBN, Rob had been reaching a top download speed of 7.5 Mbps with ADSL2+. After switching to NBN, he has been hitting lightning-fast speeds, made possible by his Fibre To The Premise (FTTP) connection. #quickfix

One of the biggest differences Rob has noticed when he is online is a lack of buffering when he’s connected to NBN. "You hardly have to wait for anything to load anymore - it's usually there straight away." #byebyebuffering

Work and play at superfast NBN speed

Whether he's at home or at work accessing his home PC remotely, Rob is ready to get online in a flash with NBN. He's seamlessly created a superfast network of his devices with NBN that he can access whenever he likes. "I wouldn't be able to do that if it wasn't for NBN," Rob said, along with being able to download programs he uses for work with his lightning-fast NBN connection.

So it's even easier for Rob to have more flexibility at work, because he can take advantage of his superfast NBN speed remotely. "I use a free program which is great for when I have some downtime at work because I can login to my computer at home and download the latest episode of something I'll want to see later." That's forward thinking at its NBN-finest!

And when Rob gets home, he told us he has all the entertainment he could want at his fingertips with NBN. Streaming and watching videos on YouTube is instant - "you click play and it's done, it starts straight away. It's amazing." Rob is also a bit of a Netflix buff, so he loves being able to watch whole seasons of his favourite shows at lightning-fast NBN speed.

When it comes to gaming, Rob told us he can now download his games online quickly and easily from his home, without having to get the extra train on the way home and stop off to buy the hardcopy.

Lightning-fast internet speed and unlimited data: a match made in heaven

With great speed comes great download responsibility. And that's why Rob is so glad he's on an unlimited data plan. He told us that "because of the insane internet speed, it easy to exceed what you thought you might use without even knowing it."

It's these kind of insane speeds that Rob wished he could have had access to when he was studying online. He told us that all the time spent downloading the trial software he trained on would have been cut down dramatically with NBN. "It'd get me into the work a lot quicker." And that's something we all want so we can get to the good times faster! #lessworkmoreplay