Best times to post on social media

Best times to post in social media

Social media is a great tool to use in order to strengthen your business brand online. It isn’t enough to post content at random moments. Certain times are better than others.

Timing is everything and can affect your overall engagement. It’s a catch 22 - rarely post content or push out posts too frequently and you’re in jeopardy of losing your audience.

Realised you’ve published content at the wrong time? It’s a wasted opportunity as a result of poor planning and zero strategy.

With the help of an $80 Optus NBN™ plan (min. cost 24 months $1,920) and by adopting some clever tactics, you can get the most out of your online presence.

Study your analytics

Learn how to obtain this important data before you create a social media schedule.

It’s important that you always test various types of content and monitor its success. You will be able to see what days and times are popular. This will help you understand the traffic on your social media accounts.

Facebook - Go to the Insights section on Facebook for Business and click on ‘Posts’. You will be able to obtain data that shows what times and days your audience visits your page.

Twitter - Log onto your account online and click on your profile. Select the ‘Analytics’ dashboard and then ‘Tweets’. You’ll be able to specify a time period and see how many impressions your Tweets received. If you select ‘Audience’ you will be able to get a detailed insight into your followers including their gender, interests and even which telecommunications provider they are with.

Instagram - The ‘Insights’ button is located in the top right hand corner of your screen in your ‘Profile’ section. It will allow you to view your impressions, reach and website clicks through to your website.

Take into account different time zones

Go over your demographic statistics to gain an understanding of where your audience is physically located. You’ll be able to target their time zone accordingly.

Best times to post

Look at your own analytics and experiment with content until you discover the right formula that works best. The suggested times and days have been complied using data compiled by social marketing app CoSchedule. We recommend that you use the following tips as a guide only.


  • Save light-hearted or funny content for Fridays.
  • Evergreen content is timeless and always stays relevant. Save these posts for later in the week and weekends.
  • The most popular times to post are Saturdays and Sundays between 12-1pm, Thursdays and Fridays between 1-4pm and Wednesdays at 3pm.


  • Try posting Tweets on Wednesdays during lunch and between 5-6pm. They are generally the best times to post as they are during work meal breaks.
  • Alternatively try Monday through to Friday between 12-3pm and at 5pm.


  • Overall engagement is usually at its highest during the week. Try publishing your content on Mondays and Thursdays anytime, so long as it’s not between 3-4pm.
  • Videos get higher engagement any day between 9pm-8am.


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