A History Lesson in Australian Culture

Australians have experienced many unique, and sometimes hilarious, milestones throughout the years.

Shocking wins, unanticipated successes and inside jokes, these are some of the milestones that helped define the Australian identity.

The many memorable and quirky milestones that make up the rich tapestry of Australian history has marked this great nation as a country of understanding, strength and optimism. We wanted to share some of these entertaining moments and unpredictable feats achieved through mateship and the belief in giving everything a fair go.

“I love a sunburnt country” - Dorothea McKellar, 1908

Australians are known for their laid back nature, sense of humor and resilience; this is reflected in their history. From 300 female convicts mooning a governor’s party to protest poor treatment they had to endure to the Australian swim team taking gold and rocking their air guitars in the faces of the overly-confident team USA; Australians have always battled on with solidarity and good humour.

A nation of battlers

Australia is known as “the lucky country”, while Australians have been fortunate, they have also taken on challenges and adversity with great conviction. Uniting in times of difficulty, whether it’s devastating weather systems or external forces that have affected our shores, the Australian people have always faced these hurdles with determination and optimism.

With this in mind we decided to share a list of some favourite Australian milestones that went on to frame the Australian identity - an identity of a dreamer, a battler, an underdog and a true mate.


Becoming more connected

The introduction of nbn™ has become another important milestone in Australian telecommunications history which inspired us to share the content above. With nbn we plan to move forward in our ability to communicate with one another, no matter where we are located. The Australian Government introduced nbn with the intention of making rural, regional and metropolitan Australians more connected than ever before. This will allow rural areas that may struggle with current broadband connection networks to experience faster and more reliable internet.

Optus nbn is invested in this future; providing Australians with a more connected and sustainable future.

These pivotal moments in history can challenge who we are and how we connect, we are working towards paving the way for a better and more connected Australia.