How to connect to Optus nbnTM

Getting connected is as easy as 3 simple steps.

The National Broadband Network (nbn) continues to rollout across Australia. As the footprint of the network expands it’s more and more likely that you can get connected at your home or business. If the nbn is available in your area, then you should be good to go. Want to get the nbn with Optus? It’s as easy and following the simple steps below.

What do I have to do?

Optus NBN Plans

1. Sign up to an Optus nbn plan

Your first step is to buy an nbn plan with Optus. Once your order has been accepted, we'll look after the technical arrangements.

Optus NBN Modem

2. Delivered to your door

We’ll send you out everything you need and organise any additional installation measures if required.

Enjoy high-speed Optus NBN

3. Enjoy high speed Optus nbn

Now you can connect all your gadgets and devices and experience the internet like never before.

Benefits of the NBN

Reliable internet service
The nbn is less affected by extreme heat and rain.
Flexible speeds
Choose the right nbn speed pack for your internet needs.
Purpose-built for modern Australia’s internet needs.
Better bandwidth
Ideal for multiple connected devices in the same household.
Young woman using NBN on laptop


Whether you rent or own a property you can still get nbn with Optus if available.

To start the process, first check with your landlord that they’re happy for the connection and find out where they want the equipment installed. Not all homes will need additional equipment, but if your premises does the landlord may want to be on-site or available when the technicians arrive. Make sure to let the owner know the day and time of any technician visits.

Apartment block ready for NBN


If you’re living in a unit or an apartment you can get connected to the nbn if it’s available in your area.

It’s important than the owner’s corporation of your building first provides permission for NBN Co to install nbn Fibre to the Building. You can approach an owner’s corporation through your strata manager or building secretary. NBN Co will take care of the details around physically connecting your building to the network.