NBN rollout

Optus is committed to delivering a better network experience to our customers, today and tomorrow. We're excited to be offering NBN services, as well as Cable and ADSL2+. Take a look at our NBN rollout map to see where the rollout is up to.


Is Optus NBN available at your place?

Australia's love technology and as our "need for speed" grows our infastructure must grow with it. The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an upgrade to Australia's existing telecommunications network and it's coming to your place soon; maybe it's already there!

Can you get NBN at your place? Let's find out.




Optus NBN Rollout Map

Not there yet? Perhaps you'd like to know if NBN is coming to your area in three, six or 12 months' time. If you're keen to view your local NBN coverage put your details into the address field below. We'll tell you when the Optus NBN rollout is coming to your area.

NBN Rollout map based on information provided by nbnTM. This map should be used as a guide only.

Even if NBN is in your area, your home may not be NBN ready. To find out if you can get NBN at your place, use our Broadband Service Checker.


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Not yet serviceable?
Complete the simple pre-register for NBN form so we can let you know when your address is NBN ready, or call us on 1300 652 080 .

Already in a release area?
Sign up for an NBN Plan, visit your local 'yes' Optus store or call us.
For residential connections call 1300 652 080 .
For business connections call 1300 302 015.



Serviceability: Available in selected areas. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee installation until we successfully install your service.