Free things to do with kids this weekend

Free activities to do with kids this weekend

Want to make the most of your weekend, create a few memories and entertain the kids? Try some of these free activities with the little ones.

Cook up a storm

Grab whatever you have in your pantry and spend the day baking with the kids. Run a competition with the family on who can create the prettiest iced biscuits. Want some no bake options? Try some easy to follow recipes like chocolate crackles or a slice. They’ll love cleaning up and licking the bowl.

Host a movie night

On an $80 Optus nbn™ plan, you’ll be able to stream on multiple devices. Let the kids have their own little movie marathon with Netflix, while you catch up on ‘Stranger Things’. (Minimum cost over 24 months, $1,980).

Try some fun science experiments

Let your little scientists try their hand at some at-home science experiments? Why not try making ‘taco sauce cleaner’, homemade slime or giving the baking soda and vinegar volcano a go. A simple search using your Optus NBN connection should bring up enough experiments to keep them busy for hours. Remember safety always comes first.

Create a YouTube channel

This is better suited for teens 13 years and up. It’s a great idea for budding film makers; let them get super creative and shoot a little movie, magic show or cooking demonstration on your mobile. They can even use the handset tools and features to edit it. Use props of things you may have lying around at home and presto – they have their own channel.

Plant a veggie patch or herb garden

If you don’t have a big enough outdoor area, even a few pots, balcony planter or vertical garden screen works a treat. Get the little ones to decorate and personalise their own pots and plant seeds. Ensure you use fast growing plants like carrots, herbs or marigold flowers.

Art and crafts

Pasta/bead jewellery, papier-mache or paddle-pop stick house building are some of the creative options your kids could try their hand at. Use odds and ends around the house and let their imagination run wild.

Set up an indoor cubby house

Why even leave the front door to go camping? Build a little tent in the lounge room using a few sheets, chairs and elastics. Make a few little beds out of doonas, give them a torch and let the kids sleep in their makeshift area for the night.

Let the kids capture their own photos

Grab a few disposable cameras and the kids can become little photographers for the day. Pick the best ones to print up or frame around the house as keepsakes.

Encourage them to play dress up

Throw open your wardrobe and see what outfits they can come up with. Suggest putting on a fashion show for your family.

Arrange a playdate

Invite a few of your child’s friends over. Encourage them to play outside with a ball or outdoor activities, provide a few supplies for painting and let them keep each other entertained.

Organise a garage sale

Getting your kids involved in a garage sale is a great way to teach them basic business skills, all whilst having a little fun. Declutter and organise your items accordingly. It’s also a great idea to set up a little stand especially for the little ones to sell their own unwanted items. Get them to create some signs using craft supplies you may have at home.

Make over their bedrooms

Kid’s rooms need a spring clean once in a while and why not also do a little makeover at the same time? Trawl online classifieds and op shops for cost effective ways to update their bedroom.

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