Optus | Mobile Broadband Software Upgrade

Upgrade your modem software today
And enjoy a better network experience.

We have a new software update that you should download and install to enjoy a better network experience, including:

  • Improved performance from your modem and
  • faster loading pages when you’re surfing

1) Plug your modem into a Windows PC with an operating system of Windows XP or higher.
2) Click the “how to upgrade” tab or “download update” tab and follow the instructions to download the latest Optus Modem software.
3) Run the software from the location you saved it to and follow the prompts.
4) It will then install your new software, and you’re done!

Once the update is completed you can use your modem with compatible computers that operate on Windows 7, Windows XP, Vista32bit(X86), Vista64bit and of course, Macs on 10.4 or above.

Click here to start downloading now!

For any questions, check out our FAQs.


Q) How big is the file?
A) The file is 16MB in size.

Q) How long will it take to download?
A) It should only take a few minutes for you to download the file and complete the upgrade.

Q) Does the upgrade come out of my data allowance?
A) Yes, downloading the file will be charged out of your data allowance.


Click here to start downloading now!