$60 Classic Phone & Broadband Bundle

$60 Classic Phone & Broadband Bundle

Free wifi modem No peak/off peak splits 24/7 Support

Monthly Costs -
Customer Notice
Min. Total Cost excludes 10% discount.
Plan Length
24 month contract
Min. Total Cost
$1510 (excluding $55 new number fee), including $70 connection fee. Delivery fee waived when you purchase online.
Fixed Line Calls
Unlimited standard local and national calls to fixed lines
Included Data
10GB broadband data included - then speed limited to 256kbps
Optus Security
Monitors your computer and internet connection, automatically checking for viruses (valued at $3 per month)
Premium Speed
Includes Optus Cable Premium Speed: Upgrades your Cable Broadband connection to Optus’ highest speed cable service (valued at $20 per month)
Included Hardware
WIFI modem included for new customers
Connection & Delivery
$70 connection fee. $0 delivery fee when you purchase online.
Local Calls Unlimited
Community Calls Unlimited
Standard National Calls Unlimited
Calls to Mobiles 50c per minute + 45c call connection

$2 maximum cost for calls up to 20 minutes, after which standard rates apply.
13/1300 Calls 35c per call
Call Connection Fee For Timed Calls 45c per call
International Calls Standard Rates apply

For more details see International Call Rates
Calls charged in one minute increments.

Optus Local and Long Distance Fair Go™ Policy applies.

Optus Classic Broadband & Phone Bundle

Terms and Conditions: Minimum total cost over 24 months for the $60 Classic Phone & Broadband Bundle (including payment by direct debit, $70 connection fee and $20 delivery) is $1530, excluding any online discounts. If you don't maintain an eligible broadband service, we will move you to the closest alternative of our standard Phone plans. A $55 new number fee applies if you require a new phone number. Pro-rated early cancellation fees of $300 for Broadband and $200 for Phone apply. A $2.20 fee per month applies if your account is not paid by direct debit. Cable customers will receive separate bills for their Phone and Broadband. Includes all standard Local, National and Community calls, and 10GB of Optus Broadband per month. If you exceed your broadband data allowance the service will be speed limited to 256kbps until the end of your billing month. Optus Local and Long Distance Fair GoTM policy applies. Included value expires at the end of each month and is not refundable or transferable. You must pre-select Optus as both your local and long distance carrier. We reserve the right to quote for non-standard installations.

Bundle Discount: You must connect or recontract to a Phone and/or Broadband plan on the Optus Direct or Cable Network for 24 months and maintain a Post-paid Mobile on a $30 plan or higher. All services must be registered at same address. The discount applies to your Phone and/or Broadband access fees or for the minimum term of your contract unless you cancel a service or change a service to an ineligible plan. The discount is not available in conjunction with any other rewards or discounts unless specified.

Plan Change Fee: To be eligible to connect to a Phone, Broadband or Phone & Broadband Bundle, existing customers must have less than three months remaining on their current contract term, otherwise a $50 Plan Change Fee may apply.

Serviceability: For technical and commercial reasons Optus Direct services are not available to all homes, in all areas. Optus Cable Broadband is available to selected homes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Until Optus successfully installs your Service, we cannot guarantee that the Service can be installed at your address.
If online billing is available to you, you may incur a $2.20 fee to receive a paper bill. For further information see www.optus.com.au/aboutmyaccount. If you use a credit or debit card to pay your bill, a 1% fee (inc GST) will be charged & shown on your Optus bill after the payment has been processed. Exemptions may apply.

For full terms and conditions visit optus.com.au/standardagreements. Information correct as at 08/04/2013.

Review your plan inclusions

    1. Broadband Modem

      Cable Wireless Modem Kit

      Cable Broadband Connection Area

      $0 00
      (included in your plan)

Add a modem

    1. Netbook

      I have an existing Optus network approved modem

      $0 00

      • No peak or off peak usage

        No excess usage charges - throttled to 256kbps when data allowance is exceeded

Add a phone handset


      Handset not required

      $0 00
      per month handset repayments
      • UNLIMITED: Standard local and national calls to fixed lines
      • 13/1300 Calls: 35c per call
      • International Calls: Standard Rates Apply - See optus.com.au/worldsaver

Your service setup

      1. Do you have an existing phone service and/or broadband service?

        ! Please select an answer.

      2. Do you want the service you are ordering today to be a replacement for, or an addition to, your existing service?

        NOTE: If you provided a phone number to indicate the line that should be transferred to Optus, all broadband and telephony services on that line will be disconnected from your current service provider. you have only a broadband service, it will be disconnected. Optus will connect your selected Optus services(s) using this line.

        NOTE: You will be using a new connection. If you already have another service with Optus or any other service provider, it will be retained.

        ! Please select an answer.

      3. Do you have any of the following services on the line you wish to transfer? Line Hunt , ISDN services, Customer Loop Metering or PBX Rotary? or ISDN services?

        ! Please select an answer.

        NOTE: The service you are ordering today cannot be provided using an existing line while a complex service is active therefore you cannot complete an online order. For assistance, please call Optus on 1300 300 298 (Business) or 1800 780 219 (Residential), Mon-Fri 8am-9pm EST.
        ! The service you are ordering today cannot be provided using an existing line while a complex service is active therefore you cannot complete an online order. For assistance, please call Optus on 1300 300 298 (Business) or 1800 780 219 (Residential), Mon-Fri 8am-9pm EST.
      4. Do you have, or intend to install, a back-to-base alarm or any hard-wired monitored system on your phone line?

        ! Please select an answer.

        NOTE: You will need to install an approved Central Filter to proceed with the Optus DSL Direct.
Review your total
Upfront $0
Monthly $0
Total $0All price include GST
! Please ensure your system meets Optus requirements.
    1. That I own the premises or have permission from the owner to have equipment installed.
    2. That I authorise Optus to transfer any cables in order to provide me with a telephone service.
    3. That I have checked and my computer (incl. devices) meets the Optus Broadband minimum system requirements.
    4. That I understand that if you have or intend to install a back to base alarm or any hard wired monitoring system on my phone line that I will have to obtain an approved Central Filter and have it installed by a licensed technician.
    5. That I have checked and my system meets the Optus DSL Direct Broadband system requirements.
    6. That I have checked and my system meets the Optus Cable Broadband system requirements.
Important Notes

Calls charged in one minute increments. Optus Local and Long Distance Fair Go™ Policy and Optus Internet Acceptable Use Policy™ apply.

Optus Phone and Broadband services are not available to all premises or in all areas and until we successfully install your Service we cannot guarantee installation.

To check your serviceability visit optus.com.au/serviceabilitycheck

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR CABLE CUSTOMERS: Equipment supplied requires mains power which may not be suitable if you have a serious illness or condition, require disability services, have a back-to-back alarm, or require an uninterrupted telephone line, in which case please contact us to discuss alternative options.

Terms and Conditions

Cancellation fees may apply

General: Offer available to credit approved customers who connect for a minimum term of 24 months.

Minimum Total Cost: Over 24 months with payment by direct debit, includes $20 modem delivery fee and $70 broadband connection fee. Delivery fee waived when you purchase online. A $55 new number fee applies if you require a new phone number.

Bundle discount: Offer available to Optus customers who sign up all services in the same name and address for 24 months and maintain a $30+ Optus Mobile monthly plan.

Optus Security: You must accept the applicable F-Secure End User Licence Agreements before using this service. To access Optus Security you must have a compatible operating system. Check system requirements at www.optus.com.au/optussecurity

Cable Premium Speed: Upgrades to Optus’ fastest DOCSIS 3.0 internet service which increases download speeds for Australian-hosted content. Actual download speed can be affected by factors such as your equipment and LAN performance, settings, hardware, software, internet activity, location of content accessed and congestion. WiFi connection may not be as fast as wired device. Only Optus-supplied DOCSIS 3.0-compliant EMTAs will be supported. Computer must meet minimum system requirements and may need network settings optimised.

Plan Change Fee: A $50 plan change fee may apply if you connect to a new plan with more than 3 months remaining on your existing Optus phone and/or broadband contract.

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