$115 Phone and Broadband Bundle

$115 Phone and Broadband Bundle

Free Delivery Free wifi modem No peak/off peak splits 24/7 Support

Monthly Costs -
Min. Total Cost
Plan Length
24 Month Contract
Included Data
Unlimited broadband data included.
Line Rental
Included in monthly access rate
Plan change fee
Move up or down plans at no charge.
Connection & Delivery
$0 connection and delivery fees
Included Modem
WiFi modem included (for new customers only)
Unlimited local and National calls
Includes Unlimited calls to 13/1300, Standard National/local numbers & Australian Mobiles
Unlimited International Calls to selected destinations
World Saver Ultimate pack included - Unlimited international calls to landlines in 25 selected destinations and mobiles in 7 selected destinations. See details
Local Calls Unlimited
13/1300 Calls Unlimited
Standard National Calls Unlimited
Optus Mobiles Unlimited
Other Australian Mobiles Unlimited
International Calls World Saver Ultimate pack included - see www.optus.com.au/worldsaver

Optus Broadband & Phone Bundle Plan

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Review your plan inclusions

    1. Broadband Modem

      Cable Wireless Modem Kit

      Cable Broadband Connection Area

      Experience the freedom and convenience of shared wireless broadband within your home. Connect to Optus Fixed Broadband with a WiFi modem and create your own personal home network, so everyone can access the internet at the same time, from multiple devices. No more wires, no more waiting to get online.

      $0 00
      (included in your plan)

Add a phone handset


      Handset not required

      $0 00
      per month handset repayments
    2. Uniden DECT 3035

      Uniden DECT3035+1

      $4 50
      per month handset repayments
    3. Uniden DECT SSE-25

      Uniden DECT SSE25

      • Text to speech Technology
      • Easy-To-Read Buttons
      $3 50
      per month handset repayments

Apply a discount

    1. Bundles

      $10 Optus Mobile Bill Discount

      • If you have an Optus Monthly Mobile plan billed to the same address as your broadband, you can save $10 a month on your mobile bill with our Broadband Bundle Discount. Learn more.

        NOTE: The discount will not be applied to your mobile bill if you do not meet these requirements.

      -$0 00
      per month

Your service setup

    1. Important Installation Tip:

      During your NBN Co. appointment make sure you tell the technician where you plan to put your Optus Wifi modem. Ensure they install their equipment - the NBN Co. connection box - nearby.

      1. Do you have an existing phone service and/or broadband service?

        ! Please select an answer.

      2. Do you want the service you are ordering today to be a replacement for, or an addition to, your existing service?

        NOTE: If you provided a phone number to indicate the line that should be transferred to Optus, all broadband and telephony services on that line will be disconnected from your current service provider. you have only a broadband service, it will be disconnected. Optus will connect your selected Optus services(s) using this line.

        NOTE: You will be using a new connection. If you already have another service with Optus or any other service provider, it will be retained.

        ! Please select an answer.

      3. Do you have any of the following services on the line you wish to transfer? Line Hunt , ISDN services, Customer Loop Metering or PBX Rotary? or ISDN services?

        ! Please select an answer.

        NOTE: The service you are ordering today cannot be provided using an existing line while a complex service is active therefore you cannot complete an online order. For assistance, please call Optus on 1300 300 298 (Business) or 1800 780 219 (Residential), Mon-Fri 8am-9pm EST.
        ! The service you are ordering today cannot be provided using an existing line while a complex service is active therefore you cannot complete an online order. For assistance, please call Optus on 1300 300 298 (Business) or 1800 780 219 (Residential), Mon-Fri 8am-9pm EST.
      4. Do you have, or intend to install, a back-to-base alarm or any hard-wired monitored system on your phone line?

        ! Please select an answer.

        NOTE: You will need to install an approved Central Filter to proceed with the Optus DSL Direct.
Review your total
Upfront $0
Monthly $0
Total $0All price include GST

Terms and Conditions

I agree:
  1. That I own the premises or have permission from the owner to have equipment installed.
  2. That I authorise Optus to transfer any cables in order to provide me with a telephone service.
  3. That I have checked and my computer (incl. devices) meets the Optus Broadband minimum system requirements.
  4. That I understand that if you have or intend to install a back to base alarm or any hard wired monitoring system on my phone line that I will have to obtain an approved Central Filter and have it installed by a licensed technician.
  5. That I have checked and my system meets the Optus DSL Direct Broadband system requirements.
  6. That I have checked and my system meets the Optus Cable Broadband system requirements.
! Please ensure your system meets Optus requirements.
Important Notes

Calls charged in one minute increments. Optus Local and Long Distance Fair Go™ Policy and Optus Internet Acceptable Use Policy™ apply.

Serviceability: Available in selected areas. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee installation until we successfully install your service.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR CABLE CUSTOMERS: Equipment supplied requires mains power which may not be suitable if you have a serious illness or condition, require disability services, have a back-to-back alarm, or require an uninterrupted telephone line, in which case please contact us to discuss alternative options.

Terms and Conditions

$25 Discount: Offer ends 5th July 2015.

General: Offer available to credit approved customers.

Minimum Total Cost: Includes payment by direct debit. Cancellation fees may apply.

Bundle discount: Offer only available to existing or new Optus customers connected to an Optus Mobile post-paid plan and maintain an eligible fixed service (excludes stand alone home and office phone services) registered in the same address. The $10 discount per month will be applied to the monthly mobile bill. Limit of one $10 discount per fixed service. If there are multiple eligible post-paid mobile plans, discount will be applied to the first connected mobile plan with a fixed service at a matching address. Bundle discount will be forfeited if either service is cancelled. Once you become ineligible for the discount, Optus has the right to remove the discount without notice. Not available in conjunction with any other bundle discount offer. Not transferable or redeemable for cash. Offer ends July 5th 2015, unless extended.

Cable Premium Speed: Available to cable serviceable customers only. Upgrades to Optus’ fastest DOCSIS 3.0 internet service which increases download speeds for Australian-hosted content. Actual download speed can be affected by factors such as your equipment and LAN performance, settings, hardware, software, internet activity, location of content accessed and congestion. WiFi connection may not be as fast as wired device. Only Optus-supplied DOCSIS 3.0- compliant EMTAs will be supported. Computer must meet minimum system requirements and may need network settings optimised.

We do not offer Priority Assistance. A provider who does is Telstra.

By selecting these plans you agree to preselect Optus as your local and long distance carrier.

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