Broadband Internet

Choose from a range of great options to get your home internet sorted: a fixed line connection (like nbn, ADSL or Cable) or Wireless Broadband.

Broadband & NBN

If you're running multiple devices, part of a big family or streaming on-demand video, then Broadband & nbn is just the ticket for your entertainment needs!

Wireless Broadband

Get a flexible connection with wireless broadband. No complicated installation, no phone line, no hassle. Just plug, play and enjoy high speed internet with wireless broadband.

200GB data for $65/mth

Connecting your home is quick and easy with our 4G Plus WiFi Modem. Just plug into power.

Min. cost 24mths $1,560. Cost 1MB $0.0003.

Optus nbn with Fetch Mighty, including a Premium Channel pack, for just $90/month.

Min. total cost $2,259 over 24 months incl. $99 start-up fee. Subscriptions required for Optus Sport and Netflix. Available in selected homes. 40Mbps Typical Evening Speed (7-11pm) subject to line speed capability on FTTC/N/B. Fair Go Policy applies.

Experience the speeds of our new nbn plans

40Mbps typical evening speed (7-11pm) across our new nbn plans. Subject to line speed capability.


Get an iPad 32GB with 5GB data and share data across your devices if you have eligible plans on the same billing account.
Min. cost $1,008 over 24mths, Cost of 1MB $0.0029.

5G is here. Are you ready?

5G is the next generation of connectivity and has the potential to bring us together like never before. Don’t miss out; join us as we start the 5G journey.