Terms and Conditions

yes’ Business Rewards 19.11.08

  1. Offer available to new and existing eligible credit approved Small or Medium Business (SMB) customers, as defined by Optus, who subscribe to a ‘yes’ Business Rewards package by subscribing to any combination of currently available plans on the following products:

a)     Optus pre-selected Long Distance (LD) with Local Access Direct (LAD);

b)     Business Mobile

c)     Business Broadband (DSLD)

d)     Optus Wireless Broadband (OWB);

e)     Optus Wireless Telephony (OWT); and

f)       Optus ipPhone Express or ipPhone Premier.

  1. Offer excludes:

a)     Residential customers, as determined by Optus;

b)     Customers directly connected to the Optus Local HFC network (including Optus Cable);

c)     Corporate and Government Business customers, as determined by Optus;

d)     Optus Service Providers and their customers;

e)     1456 Override customers; and

f)       Business Broadband Direct or Local Access Direct customers who take up the 'yes' Business Fusion bundle on a 'yes' Business Fusion rate plan;

g)     OWB or OWT customers who take up the Business Wireless Fusion bundle on a Business Wireless Fusion rate plan; and

h)     LAD, BlackBerry from Optus, OWB or Business Mobile customers who take up the Total Business Cap or the ‘yes’ Business Share Cap rate plan.

  1. Optus reserves the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time with reasonable notice.
  2. yes’ Business Rewards are not available with any other offer unless otherwise specified.
  3. Customers must connect each service in the same account name and ABN/ACN/ABRN.
  4. To maintain the benefits under this offer, customers must notify Optus of any change to each service associated with their bundle.
  5. Optus reserves the right to cancel this offer or remove any relevant ‘yes’ Business Rewards benefit if a customer does not:

a)     remain subscribed to at least two of the products listed in paragraph 1 above; or

b)     if the services are not all in the same account name and ABN/ACN/ARBN

  1. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to the Standard Forms of Agreement for each of the products named above. A copy of each of these Standard Forms of Agreement can be found at www.optus.com.au/smbterms.
  2. The ‘yes’ Business Rewards $10 off line rental offer for LAD customers is only available when those customers subscribe to Business Broadband Direct. These offers are not applicable to the Business Wireless Telephone product and are not available to customers that select the ‘yes’ Business Fusion, Optus BusinessOne, Total Business Cap plans or ‘yes’ Business Share plans.
  3. The 100 free local calls offer is only available when a customer bundles LAD & LD with Business Broadband Direct.
  4. The Business Mobile bundle offer of 2 additional free Business Time Numbers for customers that subscribe to either the Business Smart Cap or Business Smart Cap 6+ plan is not available if the Smart Fleet calling option has been chosen instead. 
  5. The OWB Smart Share feature is not available in conjunction with ‘yes’ Business Rewards.