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With applications being increasingly made available outside the enterprise walls, users are demanding better network performance to be able to work productively. You need to consider how to maintain LAN-like behaviour on your WAN to provide the best end user experience.

WAN Optimisation and Acceleration allows you to improve access to services and adapt your network to business change, with the possible benefit of not needing to upgrade switching and routing technology on your WAN.

Our solution focuses on:

  • Data streaming - helping to eliminate redundant bytes from transfers and prioritises application traffic, resulting in bandwidth optimisation for specific applications, including latency sensitive applications, like VoIP, video and Citrix.
  • Transport streaming - helping to eliminate transport protocol inefficiencies, resulting in applications accelerated by up to 100 times, even SSL-encrypted traffic.
  • Application streaming - helping to reduce WAN round trips at the application layer, resulting in reduction in packet round trips.

Note: Hardware is not included and must be provided by the customer.


  • Application and network visibility - Helps to identify business-critical, applications that are stressing your network infrastructure or suffering from high latency over your WAN.
  • Bandwidth optimisation - Optimise available bandwidth using advanced traffic shaping technologies.
  • Measurement and reporting - Monitor and manage traffic, and apply agreed business rules for prioritisation.
  • Branch office consolidation - Deploying Riverbed Granite technology, helps to reduce branch office infrastructure, simplifying data protection and improving recovery.
  • Ongoing monitoring option - With Managed WAN Optimisation our Enterprise Management Centre will monitor and maintain your WAN Optimisation and Acceleration solution components.


 WAN Optimisation and Acceleration Factsheet


  • Improved business responsiveness by enhancing access to mission-critical applications and addressing application and network performance.
  • Maximising your existing bandwidth. Optimising network traffic will create bandwidth headroom and safeguard your quality of service.
  • A deep understanding and visibility over application behaviour and usage enabling you to anticipate and respond faster to potential performance issues.
  • More accurate capacity planning information helping you to invest in the infrastructure you need, rather than 'just in case' provisioning. Also enables you to assess the potential impact of consolidation and new applications.
  • Possible reduction in branch office infrastructure costs by eliminating application redundancy and local storage which may also improve security, storage management and recovery.

An Application and Network Assessment service can assist in understanding the performance of both your network and applications, a critical step in building your business case for WAN Optimisation and Acceleration and establishing a before and after comparison. We can then design, deploy and manage a tailored solution for you.

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Wan Optimisation and Acceleration

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