Platinum Partners

Airloom is a leading mobile technology services firm that provides consulting services, application development, systems integration and managed services. The company builds mobile technology solutions that respond to clients' needs and deliver measurable business results. With its proven mobile solutions expertise, Airloom has helped companies integrate technologies so they can operate more efficiently, communicate more easily and collaborate more effectively.
 Mobilise IT
Mobilise IT is a highly specialised organisation that delivers a complete range of services, products and solutions to some of Australia’s largest and best known companies. The company develops, deploys and manages high performance mobile workforce solutions based on all of the major mobile platforms. With a very high level of expertise in mobile solution deployment, Mobilise IT can assist clients in aligning their IT strategy with that of their mobile workforce. By providing a single point-of-contact, Mobilise IT can streamline the development and execution of all of a client's mobile workforce strategies, providing a greater ROI and most importantly end-user satisfaction.

Gold Partners


Acresta is a global software, technology and services provider with headquarters in Sydney, Australia and offices in Melbourne, Auckland, Singapore and Vietnam delivering innovative business software solutions to meet the needs of today's enterprises and the environment in which they operate. Acresta are proud to be an industry leader in the provision of customised, agile environmental software and mobile solution platforms.


The Acresta product portfolio includes BlinkMobile - mobile enterprise application platform; CarbonView - a leading enterprise carbon management solution; Good Technology - mobile device management solution providing secure access for all mobile devices; Recite - website accessibility and translation software solution.


BigTinCan is a next-generation smartphone systems developer that has developed an Enterprise grade file delivery system for smartphones and tablets.


BigTinCan also develops custom solutions around the app economy for enterprise and government customers globally. BigTinCan solutions offer new ways of marketing products, improving the productivity of internal systems and integration to the external world, allowing organisations to keep in touch with their customers using the power of the smartphone.


Cloud.IQ operates a hosted, globally scalable multichannel platform, which it has developed over the past eight years. The company delivers millions of SMS, MMS, voice, Mobilenet and email messages each day for its enterprise and government customers.


The Coud.IQ platform boasts a blended multi-channel capability (combining SMS, MMS, email, voice and Mobilenet); an intelligent rules-based relationship marketing engine; a range of real-time management interfaces (via software as a service); and real-time reporting features.

  Colleagues Information Solutions
Formed in 2005, Colleagues Information Solutions is a digital solution provider based in Perth, Western Australia. Colleagues' mission is to develop better ways for companies to collect, manage and make use of their data. This is achieved by providing a range of business solutions, from mobility consultancy to the award-winning Matrixx digital pen system also delivering Matrixx Tablet and iPad technology and the Matrixx Online Data management portal.
Delv is a professional services ICT company and is well recognised within the Federal Government and corporate enterprise as the mobility, collaboration and remote access integration specialists. Delv provide end-to-end mobile workforce technologies including: Mobile Device Management, Unified Communications, mobile application development, remote access methods and remote workforce solutions.
  Entwined Solutions
Entwined Solutions is an Australian company that specialises in field force automation and mobile worker systems improvements. The company's solutions are designed to improve safety, cut costs, increase workforce productivity, improve customer service, reduce multiple data entry points and also to stop wasteful habits and reduce carbon dioxide emissions where applicable. Entwined Solutions turns data into intelligence.
  ICSA Software

ICSA Software is the software company of the Institute of Company Secretaries and was formed in 1985 to develop software to assist company secretaries worldwide. ICSA Software is the world's leading provider of entity management, corporate compliance, board communications and governance software. Customers include over 2,500 companies globally, 42% of the ASX Top50 and many highly respected organisations including Government and Not for Profit.


BoardPad 2 is used by organisations to deliver highly sensitive information to directors and executives in a simple, secure and easy to use application.

  InContext Solutions
InContext Solutions specialises in helping businesses enhance their overall operational effectiveness from traditional paper processes to the latest mobility process solutions. All InContext Solutions services are built and delivered according to a single guiding principle: "we can do the big things right if we focus on doing the right little things".
   Key Options Technology
Key Options Technology provides end-to-end enterprise, business and education technology solutions and integration. The company's services include software and hardware integration and management; and mobile application development, deployment, support and training.
Mnet is a full service mobile solutions company that designs and develops mobile solutions for enterprise, government and media partners. Mnet's enterprise solutions focus on delivering customised workforce efficiency and information anywhere/anytime solutions to businesses in a secure and reliable way across all operating systems.
Mobillytics is an innovation driven company influencing the ultimate mobile business intelligence experience for decision makers across different industries. Mobillytics provide consulting, mobile app innovation and hosting of mobile analytics as a service.
Modica Group Logo

Modica Group provides clients around the world with secure, high volume, enterprise messaging solutions. Established in 2001, their cloud-based messaging platform connects directly to all Mobile Networks and customer software solutions, via secure API.

Working across all sectors, including Finance, IT, Government, Health and Education organisations, Modica enables clients to manage their customer communication, services, and engagement via mobile.

Through a unique combination of People, Process and Product, Modica helps turn ‘dumb pipes’ into ‘smart data’, managing hundreds of millions of messages every year and working closely with clients to help them understand their customers better. This rapidly growing volume of mobile conversations and transactions creates a large amount of unique data. Modica’s mobile analytics solution, OMNI Insights, then converts this data into reports and insights that can be used to enable better business decision-making.

Philology is a specialist technology research consultancy that designs and develops compelling and visually stunning enterprise mobile application solutions. Philology can quickly and cost effectively assemble a custom enterprise mobile solution by leveraging its existing suite of mobile application solution components: Field force productivity; mobile business intelligence; interactive forms, "WayFinding"; directory service; and iPad kiosk based information delivery.
Redcoal is a leading Australian innovator in the field of SMS messaging, offering SMS, MMS and mobile device tracking solutions to help businesses improve communications with staff, clients and prospects.
  Si Partners
Si Partners is a BlackBerry Elite Partner with national coverage for Consulting, Support and Training Services as the Authorised Training Partner for ANZ.
Specialising in innovative Telecommunications Expense Management (TEM) solutions, Stratatel helps organisations to increase profitability, reduce costs and improve efficiency. Stratatel's sophisticated TEM solution helps clients to easily identify areas of cost savings within their telecommunication fleet and mitigate the high risks of misuse of mobile devices among users.
 The App Experts

The App Experts design and develop interactive apps, for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows mobile and the web.


With expertise in user experience design, app development, app security and after-sales support, the App Experts develop apps to get the best results for business.


xMatters helps enable business processes or applications to trigger targeted two-way communications over text, voice, email, SMS, iOS, Android, BB push technology, sign boards, pagers, fax and loud speaker systems, throughout the enterprise. xMatters' cloud-based solution allows for enterprise-grade scaling and delivery during time-sensitive events.

More than 1,000 leading global firms use xMatters to help business operations run smoothly and effectively during incidents such as IT failures, product recalls, natural disasters, dynamic staffing, service outages, medical emergencies and supply-chain disruption. Founded in 2000 as AlarmPoint Systems, xMatters is headquartered in California with European operations based in London and Asia Pacific operations based out of Sydney Australia. xMatters has data centres around the world, including the US, Canada, UK and Australia.