Optus' contact centre team can be trusted advisors to organisations looking to solve business problems with innovative customer interaction solutions.

The Most Cited Reasons For Using The Contact Centre Channel

Our consulting capability assists you to identify and define your business challenges. We then design and integrate the most appropriate solution to meet your needs and the needs of your customers. Our solution architects, project managers and consultants are able to access global best-practice methodologies and use leading-edge tools to help create and install innovative, scalable and robust customer interaction solutions for you.

Smart Ways To Optimise Customer Interactions

Optus customer interactions solutions include, but are not limited to:

Intelligent routing and scripting - we can help you design and develop appropriate call routing rules and scripts ensuring that calls are directed to suitably skilled agents, assisting you with the management of calls and offering seamless service to your customers.

Performance reporting and business intelligence - in addition to standard real-time and historical reports, we can help with the design and implementation of customised reports to meet your specific requirements.

Computer telephony integration (CTI) - this technology allows customer information to be presented to your agents as a single view, usually in the form of a screen pop, to allow the enquiry to be carried out in a more efficient manner.

Call Recording - the ability to record, store and retrieve customer calls allows you to conduct quality audits of calls, either in real time or from historic recordings.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) - play messages to your customers, collect responses and route calls accordingly, allowing your business to tailor self-service and call steering options. Can help to free up agent’s time to deal with higher value or more complex enquiries.

Outbound dialling - if you need to proactively reach out to your customers, we can offer a range of outbound dialling options that minimise manual processes and maximises agent productivity.

  • Preview - customer and campaign information is presented to the agent to review before the outbound call is initiated.
  • Power/Progressive - available agents are presented with an outbound call without the agent intervening.
  • Predictive - an advanced 'pacing algorithm' is used to predict when agents are likely to finish their current call, minimising agent idle time and optimising productivity.

Optus CCaaS

Is your legacy Contact Centre and ICT infrastructure capable of delivering a truly engaging customer experience?

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