General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions
The Company has an existing agreement with Optus for the supply of mobile handsets, SIM cards and the Optus Mobile Digital Service. The Company wishes to use the Service for the purpose of purchasing on-line, the Mobile handsets and SIM cards supplied under the terms of the Company's existing agreement. The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the Service:
1.  Order Form Acceptance
This order form is subject to acceptance by Optus. Acceptance will occur when Optus issues Authorised Users with passwords and indicates to the Company that the Service is ready for use. If Optus accepts this application, the Service will be supplied to the Company on these terms and conditions.
2.  Passwords
Only those users named above or authorised in accordance with clause 3 as "Authorised Users" are authorised by the Company to purchase Optus Mobile products using the Service.
Each Authorised User will be given a password to access the Service and to authorise and process orders for products using the Service. Each Authorised User must keep its password confidential and must not permit any other person to use the username and password to access the Service. Authorised Users must not store its username or password in any form in any location (for example on the hard drive of a personal computer or other devices used to access the internet), where they are capable of being read by anybody other than the Authorised User.
Authorised Users must not permit any other person to use its username and password to access the Service. The Company and Authorised Users each accept all responsibility for all aspects of use of the Service by all persons using the username and passwords. The Company indemnifies Optus and its related bodies corporate from and against all actions, claims, suits, demands, liabilities, costs or expenses arising out of or in any way connected to the use of the site by the Authorised Users or any other person using an Authorised User's username and password.
Optus suggests that each Authorised User:
1.  Changes its Password regularly
2. If changing the Password, Optus recommends that it be significantly different from Passwords used previously
Optus must be notified immediately if a record of a Password is lost or stolen or an Authorised User suspects or is aware that another person knows or has used a Password without authority. Optus will then cancel the Password and arrange for a new one to be selected.
Optus may cancel the Password at anytime without notice if we believe it is being misused.
3. Variations to Authorised Users
The Company may request Optus to authorise the addition or deletion of Authorised Users by notice in writing to Optus. If additional Authorised Users are to be authorised:
a.  A new order form must be completed by the Company and accepted by Optus; or
b. The on-line authorisation process must be completed by the Company and accepted by Optus.
If Authorised Users are to be deleted, Optus will confirm in writing (e.g. Email) when that Authorised User's access to the Service has been cancelled.
4. Delivery Address Authorisation
Optus requires authorised hardware delivery addresses to be nominated as part of this application. Nomination of company-approved addresses is required so as to reduce the risk of fraud and delivery to unapproved addresses. Optus allows addresses to be added and removed based on your organisation's requirements, with any changes to be notified via the Optus service desk.
5. Purchasing Approval
Optus requires you to nominate separate staff in your organisation to raise and approve orders, to reduce the risk of unauthorised purchasing.
6. Supply of Mobile Handsets and SIMs
The Company acknowledges and agrees that any Mobile phone handset or SIM card purchased using the Service will be supplied by Optus in accordance with either of the following terms and conditions ('Mobile Agreement'):
a.  The terms and conditions of the Optus Mobile Standard Form of Agreement for formulated by Optus under section 470 of the Telecommunications Act 1997; or
b. To the extent that the Company has agreed to specific terms and conditions of supply in relation to the Optus Mobile service, those terms and conditions.
7. Termination of the Service
Optus may cancel the Service without notice to you if:
a.  The Company or an Authorised User does not comply with these terms and conditions; or
b. The Company commits an act of bankruptcy or has a receiver, liquidator or administrator appointed or enters into any arrangements with its creditors.
Optus may cancel the Service on seven (7) days prior written notice at any time.
The agreement to supply the Service will automatically expire on termination or expiry of the Company's Mobile Agreement.
8. Variation of Terms and Conditions
Optus may vary these terms and conditions at any time, upon giving 60 days prior written notice. Upon receipt of this notice the Company may, upon giving 30 days notice in writing to Optus, terminate this agreement. Termination takes effect from the date that the varied terms would otherwise take effect. If the Company does not terminate the agreement in this manner, the varied terms and conditions will operate from the date specified in Optus' notice.
9. Liability
Optus is not liable to you or any other person for any costs, loss, liability or damage, whether consequential (including loss of revenue or profit) arising out of Optus' supply or failure to supply or delay in supplying the Service, or any products ordered using the Service, including as a result of any act, omission or negligence of Optus.
The Company and Authorised Users are solely responsible for the information that posted on the website used to activate the Service. Optus will bear no liability to the Company for any orders made using the Service that the Company makes in error or by using incorrect information.

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