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Leveraging tablets and apps

Giving your employees the freedom to work at the best.

Today's marketplace is fiercely competitive. Forward thinking businesses are investing in mobile apps to gain an edge, by being more productive and cost-efficient.

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Did you know - nearly half of all Australian businesses expect to offer mobile apps over the next three to five years. Optus Future of Business Report 2012

Be more productive: mobilise your workforce

On any given day, your frontline workforce may be recording information on site, only to reprocess it later in the day - often spending hours double handling, with no way of guaranteeing data accuracy or completeness.

Optus can help optimise this cumbersome process and improve accuracy by enabling workers to record and load data into back-end systems, at the point of collection.

Be more efficient: mobilise your content

Every day, workers are fighting to keep abreast of relevant regulatory, pricing or process updates. To help you manage this constantly changing information, Optus can house your business documents in one centralised, location easily accessed from tablets.

An organised and knowledgeable workforce is better equipped to focus on exceeding their targets and delivering impressive customer service, every time.

Optus' tablets and app solutions can help you optimise the performance of your workforce, and give them the freedom and power to do what they do best.

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