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Mobile business intelligence

Developing intelligence-based applications designed for mobile devices.

Business intelligence (BI) solutions are widely deployed in business to apply analysis and modelling to large volumes of enterprise data, and produce meaningful reports and visuals summarising business information. This is used for making insightful decisions regarding the business, market, products, staff and customers.


Why mobilising Business Intelligence is important    

The need for agility is driving mobilisation of the workforce so mobilisation of the corresponding business intelligence is also necessary. This can assist with:

  • Realtime decision-making at the customer face.
  • Innovative transactions in the field, to improve service delivery and sales productivity.
  • Better information flow to customers, partners and staff.
  • Reduced transaction times to improve workflow and drive productivity.

Mobile business intelligence is set to grow in importance for gaining and maintaining competitive advantage.

More than putting existing screens on mobile devices

Delivering mobile business intelligence applications involves more than porting existing workstation-based screens to mobile devices. A new breed of mobile applications is required.

Organisations will need to rework many existing applications and conceive new transactional applications that take advantage of mobility and special mobile-device features such as geo-location awareness.

NCS, the business applications and consulting arm of SingTel Group Enterprise, partners with MicroStrategy to deliver this new breed of Mobile Business Intelligence applications.

MicroStrategy has a market leading position driven by key factors, including:

  • Strong support for a wide array of databases and data repositories from which to pull different organisational data for holistic, cross-business analytics and decision support.
  • An understanding that mobile devices change the way people work so MicroStragey have invested in extensive workflow, forms, transactional capabilities and security.
  • A platform that assists with rapid mobilisation of business intelligence reports.
  • Strong, intuitive visualisation that takes advantage of native mobile device capabilities.
  • A focus on high performance processing to support rapid response and reliability for remote workers.

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