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Does your business need a mobile app?

With the flood of apps on the market today, before you build one you need to consider: is it something your customers actually need and will use? A truly handy app can improve your customer service experience and increase sales.


The BYOD revolution: Should employees be allowed to bring their own device?

In today's tech-savvy workplace, it's no longer uncommon to see employees using multiple personal devices in the office. However, letting staff bring their own gadgets to work might create more problems than it solves.


Business beyond powerpoint: The tech to win all pitches

If you want to differentiate pitches to investors or clients, there are alternatives to PowerPoint that can make your presentation stand out.


Accessing the office when you're out

We've all done it - left the office without a critical file or forgotten to do something urgent. Fortunately, it's very easy nowadays to remotely access your computer.


3 ways to stay logged in when you're overseas

Whether you're across town or across the world, the Cloud makes it easy to stay on top of things when you're away from your desk.


Is your website multiscreen ready?

A website that really pops on a traditional computer is a must-have for most businesses. But what happens to that site on a tablet or smartphone? You need to engage your customers on whatever device they're using.


How to use Google Apps for Business

Google Apps are an interesting alternative for businesses and deliver online storage, productivity applications and tools for sharing information with colleagues and clients. We'll walk you through getting started and some of the benefits.


Wi-Fi versus 3G/4G tablets: Is it worth the extra cost?

It's a question every business owner must answer before they buy a new tablet - do you pay extra to have the flexibility and practicality of a 3G/4G tablet, or will Wi-Fi suffice? There's no one answer - every person has their own unique needs. Here are some of the pros and cons of each to help you decide what best suits you.


How will 3D printing change the business world?

It might seem like far-fetched science fiction, but the ability to print custom objects on demand could eventually change the face of manufacturing.


Six ways to help your battery go the distance

Today's gadgets come with a wealth of power-saving options to help you get the most out of the battery. Unfortunately the power management settings are often set too high or too low by default, so it's worth tweaking them to see what works best for you.

Device Energy Saving

Device Energy Saving

Six ways to conserve battery power to help your mobile devices go the distance all day.


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