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The units are wireless, just plug them in and get to work, or feel free to call our provider for setup assistance on (07) 5577 0500


* Your office space needs to be a maximum of 1200m2 and no higher than two floors above ground level and your mobile phone needs to indicate at least one bar of Optus 3G coverage within the office space or your Indoor Mobile Antenna may experience signal interference affecting its performance.

~ The extent to which coverage, call qualitycongestion and speeds are optimised (including across multiple devices within your office) may be affected by any congestion around the mobile network facility from which your Indoor Mobile Antenna is taking its signal, your handset and the layout of your property or office space. The Indoor Mobile Antenna only operates on the Optus 3G 2100MHz/900MHz network.

^ A mobile network signal is usually strongest near a window.

+ Battery life of your device may be affected by other factors, such as your handset, internet traffic and network coverage in your location.