Mobile Data Add-On Packs

Our Data Add-On Packs can help your business to stay connected while on the move

Data Add-on Packs allow your business to get a little extra data as and when you need to use it, so you can be sure to stay connected to your staff and customers while on the move.

Data Add-on Packs can be purchased to use in conjunction with any My Plan Business and My Plans Business SIM plans. There is a limit of one Data Add-On Pack per service.

Available Packs

Data Add-On Pack Included Data
$10/month 1.5GB
$20/month 3GB
$30/month 6GB
All to use within Australia

How to add a Data Add-On Pack

To purchase

Call Customer Care on 133 343


Visit My Account

Go to "Options & Extras" tab 
(in landscape mode on mobiles)


How do Data Add-On Packs work?

Data Add-On Packs are billed monthly and will align to your business mobile plan’s billing cycle. You can have a Data Add-On Pack for as little as 1 month and you can manage your Data Add-On Pack in My Account, so no need to call us to make changes.

If you have a Data Pool, then data from the Data Add-On Pack will be added to the Data Pool and shared by all eligible services on the account. Once the data from the Data Add-On Pack and any mobile plan data has been used, you will be charged for excess data as per your mobile rate plan.

Mobile Data Add-On Packs will align to your mobile plan’s billing cycle and will continue until you cancel the Data Add-On Pack. Data is counted in KB increments and includes uploads and downloads. . Any unused data is forfeited and cannot be rolled over to your next billing cycle. Only one Data Add-on Pack can be used per billing cycle per service. Data Add-On Packs are only available for use in conjunction with My Plan Plus, My Plan Plus SIM Only, My Plan Business and My Plan Business SIM plans.