124yes Directory Assistance


Optus 124YES is a directory assistance service where our friendly operators will connect you straight through to most publicly listed numbers within Australia. Dialling Optus 124YES means that you don't have to remember or write down phone numbers, just remember who you want to call and let the operator do the rest.

You only have to remember one number to find and be connected to most publicly listed numbers in Australia. By dialling 124 followed by the numbers that spell Y-E-S (either 937 or 927 depending on your mobile phone's keypad), you will be put through to an operator who will search for the number and then connect you directly to it.

Optus 124YES also gives you the option of having the name and number of the party you wish to call sent to the screen of your mobile as an SMS. So if the number is busy or is not answered, you can re-dial it or store it in your phone's address book for future reference.

Optus 124YES Pricing

Calling Optus 124YES costs $1.75 (inc GST) per call, plus your standard call rates as determined by your chosen mobile rate plan for the duration of the call.

If your require your directory assistance results sent as an SMS to your mobile, the SMS will cost $0.25 per SMS.

Every New Search request will be charged $1.75.

Optus 124YES FAQ

Q: What will I be charged for dialling 124YES?

A: For each call you will be charged a flagfall of $1.50, plus the standard call rates determined by your chosen mobile rate plan for the duration of the call.

Q: What is the number I need to dial to access the 124YES service?

A: Dial 124937 from your mobile phone to access the 124YES service.

Q: What will I be charged if I am not connected successfully to my requested number?

A: Although the number that you request connection to may be busy, not answered or is a silent listing, you will still incur the $1.50 flag fall, plus the standard mobile call rates according to your chosen rate plan for the duration of the call.

Q: What will appear on my Optus mobile bill to indicate that I have made a 124YES call?

A: Your mobile bill will display Connect2 under the ‘Destination’ column and 124YES under ‘Tel No’ column.

Q: Can I use this service when I am roaming?

A: No. The service is only available within Australia.

Q: I was put through to the wrong number, what should I do?

A: If you wish to report this and have your account credited for the incorrect call, please record the call details noting the date, time and the telephone number called (if information is available). You can then report this to Optus Customer Care.

Q: What happens if I request a message to be sent back to me and never receive it?

A: You must have SMS active on your handset in order to receive the name and number sent back to you.