Broadband and Networks Strategy

Expand your network knowledge with our strategy-led expert articles. Create better internal and external connections, and find broadband solutions to help you work faster and smarter. Optus can help you improve your network for today, and develop capabilities for the future.


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Connecting locations

Discover advanced communications to help your business thrive.

If you've built your corporate network over time, you may have a lot of complex connections between your sites and find it difficult to launch new applications and services without significant redesign. Your network may not even support the latest converged services. Time to upgrade?

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Optus Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

Connect Whenever, Wherever

Unwire and look forward to exciting new ways to provide a connected, engaged and trusted service while helping to improve user satisfaction and reduce your costs.

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Intelligent Network Solutions

Progressive telecommunications carriers worldwide are meeting customer demand by deploying new generation Internet Protocol (IP) networks. Explore the possibilities.


Connecting To The Internet

The internet continues to evolve at a very rapid pace. In the face of increasing demands from rich media, the speed and reliability of your internet connection services has never been more important.


NBN and your large business

Connect to the future with Optus Broadband powered by NBN. Fast download speeds help you save time and money, and faster upload speeds help increase your efficiency. Find out more about our regional location rollout.


The need for application acceleration

Find out some of the reasons why remote working can sometimes be frustrating and what can be done about it.


How To Sync, Share And Save Data

The cloud is a handy place to back up your data in case a disaster strikes, but cloud services can also help you stay productive and collaborate with colleagues while you’re away from your desk. Here’s how to reach the cloud.

Global Reach Insights

Essential information for businesses looking to expand regionally, focusing on Asia. Find out why Asia should be part of your expansion plans and how to choose the right ICT partner to take you there.

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Smart Network Choices

Smart business needs a smart network.

Software Defined Networking

How software defined networking will transform Telco services.


Network of the future

Explore how networks deliver value in an increasingly digital world.

Unlock The Potential of NBN

Transition to NBN with Optus Business.