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Optus Evolve MRS

Let Optus manage your corporate wide area network (WAN) for you.

Do you want to simplify the day-to-day management of your network?

Optus Evolve MRS (Managed Router Service) is a fully managed wide area network (WAN) service for Optus Evolve IP VPN customers.

With Optus Evolve MRS, Optus manages the whole WAN, freeing your IT staff to focus on managing other aspects of your business. Optus Evolve MRS is also useful where you have remote sites where skilled technology staff are not available.


Key features of Optus Evolve MRS are:

  • Fully-outsourced management of your WAN - Moving, adding or changing of sites, changing application priorities and troubleshooting are managed by the Optus Helpdesk, specialists in the complete workings of Optus Evolve IP VPNs.
  • Enhanced network reporting - via the Optus eCare secure web portal, which provides reporting for both the performance of the network and application usage. A range of comprehensive reports is available.
  • End-to-end quality of service (QoS) - Optus eCare enables true end-to-end quality of service reporting over your Optus Evolve IP VPN. It is not possible to obtain this single integrated reporting view from an external reporting solution.


Optus Evolve MRS Datasheet


Optus Evolve MRS is an add-on module to Optus Evolve IP VPN. It:

  • Provides end-to-end management of your Optus Evolve IP VPN, even at the smallest sites.
  • Delivers true end-to-end QoS for optimal performance of your converged applications.
  • Gives comprehensive visibility of your Optus Evolve IP VPN through enhanced network and application reporting.
  • Frees up IT staff to focus on business applications, rather than running the WAN.
  • Available with a range of Cisco® routers to suit different situations.

To find out more about how Optus Evolve can transform your business, contact your Optus Account Manager.


Optus Evolve MRS moves the network demarcation point from the Ethernet handoff of the Optus Evolve IP VPN to the internal interface of the Customer Premises (CE) router. This expands the realm being managed by Optus.

There are three stages in the Optus Evolve MRS solution:

  • Installation, where Optus installs the CE routers in your network
  • Configuration, where Optus configures the routers
  • Management, where Optus manages your Evolve IP VPN.

Standard Optus Evolve MRS management functions are:

  • Network monitoring and fault identification
  • Fault resolution
  • Ongoing configuration management
  • Network reports

To find out more about how Optus Evolve can transform your business, contact your Optus Business Account Manager.

Product FAQs

Optus Evolve is an advanced IP communications network that delivers tomorrow's converged business applications today - enabling your business to be more productive, now and into the future.

Optus Evolve delivers tangible business benefits today, but more importantly it provides a platform for new applications when your business is ready for them. With Optus Evolve:

  • You can converge voice and data on your network and manage it more easily - enabling you and your end users to be more productive
  • Remote and mobile workers as well as different company sites can share critical information securely and flexibly
  • You can take advantage of more bandwidth and it is easier to upgrade as your business grows
  • IT teams can focus on developing and implementing applications that improve business productivity, rather than running the network.

Optus Evolve delivers a range of improvements that can help enhance your business's performance:

  • It is a 'new generation network' that replaces multiple legacy technologies with a single, easy-to-manage network platform
  • It is designed to easily deliver converged business applications that enhance productivity and reduce costs
  • Improved reliability and resilience is an integral part of the network design - software upgrades can be conducted in-service - for fewer planned and unplanned network outages
  • Reduced network complexity allows for simplified network management and comprehensive reporting
  • It is modular in design and highly scalable so it can be readily adapted to your changing business needs.

Support FAQs

Click here to access Optus eCare online reporting and management portal.

Optus Evolve MRS

Simplify day to day management of your network.


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