Other call rates
Community calls - available to customers connected to Optus Local and Optus Long Distance. Timed 7¢ per minute
1223 - Local and National Directory Assistance* 50¢ per call
 Installation charges
Service establishment fee** Includes standard connection from the first socket in your home to the overhead cable (within 50m) and connection at your local Optus exchange. Optus reserves the right to charge for a non-standard connection. $77.00
Service activation fee** A one off charge to activate your service. $55.00
Non-standard Installation - eg. difficult locations. Quoted charge
Extra sockets These fees apply if you would like additional sockets fitted:
• Your second socket.
• Each additional socket.
$99.00 flat rate
After installation charges
Service call (faults) Charge applies to restore your Service if a fault is found to lie within your internal line or equipment. $99.00 flat rate
Special request orders Basic - charge applies for basic service charges such as wall mounting your phone. $99.00 flat rate
Complex - charge applies for complex service charges such as moving your outlet. $165.00 flat rate
One off charges
Change of account holder fee If you require a change to your account holder details, this fee applies. $55.00
Invoice reprint Optus may charge this fee if a customer requests a copy of an invoice that has already been issued by Optus. $5.50
Cancellation fee If you disconnect from the OneTouch Advance package before your initial 12 month agreement is finished, this fee applies. $99.00 pro rata
Suspend fee If your account is suspended due to non-payment, this fee applies. $35.00
If you do not pay all amounts you owe us by the date the payment is due, we may charge you a late fee of:

For unpaid amount more than
$50 but less than $100 - $15.00
(no GST payable)

For unpaid amount more than
$100 - $15.00 plus 2% above
the prime lending rate charged
to us by the ANZ Bank calculated
daily on the unpaid amount above $100 (including any late fees already incurred)

New number fee For customers who take a new Optus phone number for their first line. $55.00
Change number fee If you wish to change your existing service number, this fee applies, per service changed. $33.00
Extra monthly charges
Itemised local calls on your bill $0.00 per month