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Don't forget to say 'I love you' this Mother's Day
08 May 2012

Optus research reveals Aussies struggle to find the time when it comes to calling loved ones

New research, released today by Optus, sheds light on our nation's communication habits when it comes to close family and friends. The study revealed there is a desire amongst people in regional New South Wales to connect on a deeper level with 63% admitting they would love to spend more time talking with close friends and family.

One of the top reasons for not connecting with family as much as they would like was lack of time (40%).

Ahead of Mother's Day, this Sunday 13 May, the research also uncovered that despite Australians having more communication tools than ever before, 53% of people in regional NSW still favour the traditional phone call when it comes to staying in touch.

The study also revealed that an out of the blue call stands out as the communication making people feel closest to their loved ones (66%) versus an email (28%) or text message (22%).

Optus is reminding Australians to take advantage of the many tools available to tell their mothers how much they really mean to them this weekend.

Michael Smith, Managing Director of Marketing at Optus said "Our research shows that just a quick 'hello' goes a long way to make a loved one feel valued but we don't need research to tell us that! Whether it's face to face, on the phone, via SMS, video call, picture message or even Facebook, don’t forget to tell your mum you love her on Sunday".

"In an age where we can communicate with more people and faster than ever before, understanding the habits of our customers helps us better shape our products and services to meet individual needs and facilitate connections in new and exciting ways," Mr Smith said.

How people in regional NSW connect:

A phone call remains the favourite way to stay in touch with family and friends
Social media now outranks SMS as a preferred way to stay in touch with family and friends and more than half of people say social media makes them feel closer to family and friends (53%).
An out of the blue phone call from a family member stands out as what makes people feel closest to their loved ones (66%)
Ideally people would choose to spend over 6 hours per week communicating with close family and friends
The top two things people would say to the person closest to them are 'I love you' (30%) or 'you mean the world to me' (27%)

The survey was commissioned by Optus to celebrate the launch of a major new brand campaign, aimed at showing customers they care by bringing them closer to the things that matter most to them.

*Research background:
Optus commissioned an independent survey of a representative sample group of 2,195 Australians aged 18-64 years of age. Fieldwork commenced on Monday 16 April and was completed on Wednesday 18 April 2012. Responses were collected online. The data was weighted by gender, age and area to reflect the latest population estimates.

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