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Activ8me delivers new SatPhone service to Australians
05 Feb 2009

Activ8me announced today the signing of a three year wholesale agreement with Optus to sell the Optus Thuraya satellite range of handsets. Activ8me has an extensive distribution network throughout regional and rural Australia.

Thuraya's SG2510 satellite telephone is the world's first smart satellite handset and is also small enough to fit in your pocket.

Tony Bundrock, Activ8me CEO said, "Satellite phones used to be bricks - and expensive too. But the Thuraya range represents a new generation of handsets, much more like standard mobile phones. Also, with the Government subsidy on handsets and reasonable call charges, owning a satellite phone is now much more affordable."

For customers eligible for the Government subsidy, Activ8me is retailing the Thuraya phones from $438, with plans available from $35 per month with $10 of calls included. The sophisticated SG2510 costs $1,695 without the subsidy or just $678 with the maximum Government subsidy.

Paul Sheridan, Director of Optus Satellite said from the east to west coast, from the tip of Cape York to the southern coastline of Tasmania, Activ8me and Optus Thuraya will have you covered.

"With the dual mode Thuraya satellite handset, customers no longer need to carry around multiple handsets. An Optus Thuraya phone allows you to receive or make calls anywhere in Australia with line of sight to the satellite, regardless of how remote the area," said Mr Sheridan.

The Thuraya satellite footprint covers the Australian continent and over 200 kilometres beyond the coastline.

For more information on Activ8me SatPhones, featuring Thuraya and Optus services, customers can visit www.activ8me.net.au or call Activ8me on 1800 80 44 10.

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