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OptusNet Broadband hits 200,000 subscribers
10 Aug 2004

Optus today announced that it has hit 200,000 OptusNet Broadband subscribers, seeing a record increase of over 15,000 subscribers in the last month.

Optus achieved 100,000 subscribers three years after launching the OptusNet Broadband service. The next 100,000 has now been achieved in half that time - 18 months.

Scott Lorson, Acting Managing Director of Consumer and Multimedia said today's 200,000 subscriber accomplishment was significant. "OptusNet has built a leadership position in this market by delivering consumers a unique proposition built on value, simplicity, performance and trust.

"Although advertising is important in the broadband market, advocacy is the key. Once people experience broadband, they just can’t go back. With one in eight serviceable homes in New South Wales, and one in ten serviceable homes in both Queensland and Victoria now connected to OptusNet cable broadband, the word is spreading faster than ever.

"We are delighted with our current momentum in the broadband market. In addition to our leadership position in cable broadband, we are on pace to become Australia's second largest DSL provider by the end of the year. We are currently ramping up our operations to support an increased take-up as broadband is enthusiastically embraced by the mass market.

"Optus has always been a champion of competition, and we have now brought our unique brand values to a much larger addressable market in DSL. As we a build a substantial resale base, the options for future broadband network deployment will become increasingly attractive," said Mr Lorson.

In February this year, Optus introduced OptusNet DSL to complement OptusNet cable which had established majority marketshare in 1.4 million serviceable homes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Commenting on the growth of OptusNet DSL since its launch, Mr Lorson said, "The introduction of OptusNet DSL represented a tipping point for the industry. After years of limited choice, customers are now clearly the winners. Optus continues to thrive in this competitive environment, with OptusNet broadband sales up nearly 400 per cent since our February launch of OptusNet DSL."

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