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Over 30,000 Australians in the Fast Lane with OptusNet Cable
10 May 2001

OptusNet Cable Australia today disclosed it has over 30,000 subscribers for its award-winning high-speed cable Internet service, OptusNet Cable.

Since the introduction of the service in Australia in January 2000, OptusNet Cable has consistently set the benchmark for the local broadband industry - introducing the first flat price plan, the use of DOCSIS standard modems, superior local and international content and an unsurpassed focus on providing users with the best possible Internet experience.

As testimony to the quality of service, OptusNet Cable received several industry accolades over the last year including "Breakthrough Award 2000" and "Consumer Product of 2000" from Australian Personal Computer as well as "Australia's Best Broadband Initiative" from Australian Telecom Magazine.

"Since connecting our first customer in January last year, we have moved from strength to strength, and our subscriber numbers are on track. I am confident that as Australians become more discerning and demand faster Internet access, they will turn to broadband as the solution. And we've already discovered that once users experience the speed, content and always-on connection that OptusNet Cable provides, there is no turning back," said Chris Chapman, CEO, OptusNet Cable Australia.

One factor that has fuelled the subscriber growth of the OptusNet Cable service has been the bundling of the high-speed cable Internet service with other Optus cable products, namely Optus Local Area Telephony and Optus Television. Since Optus launched its Choices Package in October last year, the company has experienced an ever-increasing demand from users who require multiple products and want the simplicity and convenience of dealing with one vendor.

Commenting on the success of the OptusNet Cable service and the Optus Choices offering, Adrian Chamberlain, Managing Director, Consumer & Multimedia, Cable & Wireless Optus, said, "Optus is currently the only company that provides customers with the option to bundle multiple cable products and enjoy significant discounts and benefits as a result.

"Our aim is to make Optus the provider of choice for information, communication and entertainment services for the Australian home, and the success of OptusNet Cable will play a critical role in accelerating our growth in this area," Mr Chamberlain said.

"Moving forward, our goal is to clearly establish ourselves as the industry leader in the broadband space and to do this we will press ahead with content, technology and product enhancements to ensure OptusNet Cable remains the most compelling broadband service in Australia," added Chapman.

A key undertaking to achieving this goal is already underway as OptusNet Cable integrates the personalisation capabilities of its excite.com.au portal into the OptusNet Cable service. The project, planned for completion by year-end, will make OptusNet Cable the first personalisable broadband service - giving Australian broadband users only the information that matters to them via a lightning fast connection.

"This ability to continually push the boundaries is what will set us apart," concluded Chapman.

About OptusNet Cable Australia
OptusNet Cable Australia was formed in June 1999 through the joint venture of leading US broadband service provider, At Home Corporation and Australian integrated communications company, Cable & Wireless Optus.

Working closely with Cable & Wireless Optus, OptusNet Cable Australia delivers OptusNet Cable, the high-speed cable Internet service. OptusNet Cable is a complete online service that delivers a high-speed and immediate connection to the Internet, with a complete set of features and innovative "broadband" content. Delivered over the Optus HFC (Hybrid Fibre/Coaxial) cable, OptusNet Cable has the potential to reach 2.2 million homes in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

With nine million Australians currently using the Internet, Australia is a growth market for high-speed cable Internet services. An opportunity exists for a high-speed Internet service with uniquely Australian content like OptusNet Cable to further fuel the adoption of Internet use.

In March 2000, OptusNet Cable Australia acquired Excite Australia (formerly Excite Asia Pacific) and assumed the management of www.excite.com.au. As a result, Excite's world class technology and content is now incorporated into both the broadband service OptusNet Cable and into the Optus dial-up service Optus Internet (www.optusnet.com.au). Excite Australia has become a leading Australian portal offering a powerful search function, in addition to extensive Australian content. With sixteen channels including News, Sports, Money and Investing, Travel and Shopping, Excite is currently ranked in the top 10 most visited sites by Australians.

To sign up or obtain more information about OptusNet Cable, visit the Web site at or call 1800 504 504.

For more information contact:

Sheila Dhillon
OptusNet Cable Australia
Tel: (02) 9005 1019
Email: sdhillon@excitehome.com.au

Sarah Roderick
Edelman Public Relations
Tel: (02) 9291 3319
Email: sarah.roderick@edelman.com