The National Satellite System group formed within the Overseas Telecommunications Commission to establish Australia's national satellite system.


The Australian Government forms AUSSAT, a government owned company to own and operate the national satellite system.




Australia's first two satellites are launched (A1 in August and A2 in November) and domestic satellite services commence in Australia; particularly remote & rural TV broadcasting.




AUSSAT A3 launched in September to meet the ever-growing demand for satellite services in Australia. A3 adds South West Pacific services including New Zealand coverage.





Optus acquired AUSSAT and became Australia's first privately owned communications carrier, a consortium which included Cable & Wireless. Cable & Wireless Optus launched B1 in August.



Optus B3 launched in August and placed into a storage orbit. Optus MobileSat Service launched in August. The world's first land mobile satellite telephone service.




Optus B3 commissioned and first Australian pay-TV services commence via satellite.




Cable & Wireless Optus launched Aurora services and established B3 as Australia's hotbird. Optus B1 confirmed as New Zealand's hotbird.





Singapore Telecommunications Limited (SingTel) completed the acquisition of Cable & Wireless Optus Limited. SingTel now holds 100 per cent of the ordinary shares in Optus.


Optus launched in June the world's largest and most complex hybrid commercial and military communications satellite, Optus C1, together with the Australian Defence Force.


Optus launched its 7th satellite, Optus D1.


Optus launched its 8th satellite, Optus D2.


Optus launched its 9th satellite, Optus D3.


Optus launched its 10th satellite, Optus-10.
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