Great News For People Living Outside The Cities

As well as improving our mobile network by introducing our 4G Plus network, we are now able to connect more and more people to Optus NBN internet, as part of the National Broadband Network rollout. In some towns, this means people are getting a choice of providers for the very first time.

In remote areas, Optus provides satellite phones and satellite internet products, and fibre-optic broadband internet, where possible.

Mobile Black Spot Program

Shining a light on the black spot

Find out how Optus in partnership with the Federal Government is bringing high-speed internet and mobile coverage to regional and remote areas across Australia.

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Maximise your coverage in regional areas

To get our best voice and data reception in regional areas, look for phones with the Top Pick for our Regional Coverage badge. We do extensive network testing in regional areas for both voice and data - like signal strength and how far your coverage extends. Only phones that pass these tests earn this badge.

If you live in a regional area then getting a phone that can go the extra distance could be for you - especially if you’re not close to our nearest tower.

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Broadband Internet With Optus NBN

It’s “Yes!” to faster internet and reliable voice calls with Optus NBN.

The fibre-optic cables the National Broadband Network is built with are better suited to the Australian environment than copper lines, and that means rain and extreme heat will not affect data speeds.

As NBN rolls out across the country, replacing the old copper networks, regional Australians can sign up for superfast broadband internet with Optus NBN. Yippee! At last: great internet for country folk as well as city slickers.

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