Details of change

18 February 2016

  • Refined language to better describe the use of digital identifiers
  • Refined language to better describe how we use personal information for the purposes of advertising
  • Clarified language to confirm that we will continue to use personal information to market / market research to you until you opt out
6 June 2016
  • Clarified language to describe the extent of our collection of site performance identifiers when customers access Optus services from a mobile or other device, and the purpose of this collection
  • Included reference to the OAIC for complaints about Optus 
6 July 2016
  • Clarified grammatical errors
  • Refined language to more accurately describe how Optus delivers advertising
  • Providing better transparency about how individuals can manage their marketing preferences
  • Advising that Optus may disclose personal information to emergency services, and when this will occur.


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