You thrive in a Team environment and your attention to detail and time management skills are in your genes.

You love going out of your way to help people and looking for the best outcomes.

Let’s be honest, you keep a lot of the wheels turning behind the scenes. These roles offer exposure to highly professional managers and teams across a range of business areas across Optus.

Many teams throughout the company have Team Assistants or Team Coordinators, while Directors and other senior staff have Executive Assistants. These roles gain exposure to the specialist areas in which they work such as IT, Human Resources, Marketing, Sales and Customer Service.

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Billing And Finance

Sometimes you’re behind the scenes; usually you’re not. We need our Finance and Billing teams to actively engage with the business. The partnership ensures financials and customer experience are front of mind for everything we do.

Roles include general and niche areas of finance/accounting from accounts clerks, accounts payable/receivable; through to payroll, part qualified/qualified accountants, commercial and financial analysts/managers, commercial evaluation, capital accounting, revenue accounting, tax, treasury etc

Sound like fun? Opportunities are across almost every part of the business depending on your interest and vacancies.

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Legal And Regulatory

In-house corporate counsel, and employee relations.

Optus requires a full range of legal services to support its commercial divisions, and also its technical and corporate areas. Work managed by the Optus Legal Team includes negotiating customer contracts, dealing with trade practices issues, and managing any litigation in which Optus is involved.

The telecommunications industry in Australia operates within a complex regulatory environment. As a result of this complexity, Optus has a Regulatory team (who are quite distinct from the Legal team) to proactively manage the broad range of issues that arise and ensure compliance.

Our Corporate Affairs team fulfils the corporate communication function for Optus as a whole. Corporate Affairs deals with public relations and the media, as well as internal communication. In addition, Corporate Affairs involves working with market and media research, and employee feedback statistics, so its staff needs to be comfortable with “data.”

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Customer Service

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do so it’s no surprise that we pride ourselves on how we execute this. We have won numerous awards over the years on how we deliver brilliant service. We’ve even won an ACOMM award for our Consumer Web Chat which was recognised as an industry leading initiative, giving our customers another way to contact us and be heard.

But technology alone isn’t enough without our teams of Customer Service rock stars. Our teams Listen, Own and Value the whole customer experience and have a passion for providing high-quality service, enjoy meeting the challenges of the role and celebrating successes.

At the entry level, roles in this group spend the majority of their time dealing directly with customers, normally over the phone. More senior roles are predominantly about leading teams, rather than dealing directly with customers, but the primary focus is still on providing the Love our customers deserve.

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Digital Sales And Service

We pride ourselves on creating digital experiences designed in consultation with our customers. This customer-centric design philosophy ensures our customers can deal with us anywhere, any time, on any device.

We work with the best in the industry and have strong associations with Facebook and Google. We’re always looking at innovative ways of bringing Optus to our customers in the places where they like to interact. Additionally, with strong ties to innovation and the start-up community, Optus supports and participates in events like hackathons to drive new ideas and deliver concepts to market quickly.

We have opportunities within Digital Sales and Service include Design, eCommerce, Analytics, Marketing, Self-Service, Social Media, Development, Product and Project Management, Content Strategy, Copywriting and Production.

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Telecommunications Engineering

Our Networks division's mandate is to lead the business in delivering the right technology solutions for our customers. Ultimately, they provide the technology to connect people throughout Australia and are at the forefront of telecommunications excellence with innovative technologies and exciting opportunities.

The Networks division provides the company with an advanced technology platform capable of delivering cutting-edge communications, information and entertainment services.

The Technical functional group encompasses all of the engineering roles in Optus. It is responsible for the development and maintenance of the Optus networks (Mobile, Cable, Satellite, etc), and thus provides the foundation upon which all of our products sit.

A technical role might suit you if you like jobs that are heavily “systems” focused. Higher-level roles with a management component also require a "people" focus.

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Human Resources (HR/L&D)

Our Human Resources area acts as a strategic partner, working closely with the business on a range of strategic projects. Roles within the Human Resources functional group can be very loosely divided into two categories: consultant roles and specialist roles.

Human resource consultants are located with each business area and work as a core part of the team. This approach enables consultants to obtain a broader overview of the business and allows for career development across a wide range of areas.

A number of specialist areas such as Remuneration & Benefits, Employee Relations, Learning & Development, Talent Acquisition and OH&S have been developed to support the group, providing consulting and delivery services.

Learning plays an important role in delighting our customers and is central to the ongoing success of our business

We have consulting specialists across the business who work with our people to understand their capability needs. They then provide specialist advice based on best practice and manage the implementation of learning solutions that make a positive impact for our end customers.

The Organisation Capability function was set up to elevate learning at Optus and better use it as a lever to deliver on our 4 customer priorities:

  • Great Network
  • Simple Products
  • Brilliant Service
  • Unbeatable Reward


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ICT/Group IT

Group IT is our internal IT division responsible for providing our organisation with the infrastructure and capability that enables everyone to do their jobs in the best possible manner. ICT on the other hand provides these services to external clients – usually Small/Medium Business, Government and Enterprise clients. There is an overlap in terms of the core technology and skills but we know that as a person you could favour external clients or internal ones.

What Positions do we offer?

  • Engineering
  • Client support (Managed Services)
  • Sales
  • PMO
  • Technical Development


Which vendor technologies do we use?

  • Cisco
  • Avaya
  • SharePoint
  • Unix
  • Windows
  • VM Ware
  • Citrix
  • SQL
  • SAP Oracle
  • J2EE
  • Pearl
  • Remedy Web methods
  • Open Source
  • Clarity


Stacks of opportunities

  • Sales: BDMs
  • Solution Architects (Pre Sales)
  • Solution Designers
  • Engineers: Implementation/Support
  • Project Office: Program Managers, Project Managers, Delivery managers
  • Process Analyst
  • Business Analysts
  • Managed Services: Support teams to ensure client queries are resolved
  • Technical: Software Engineers
  • Portfolio Managers
  • Instance Management
  • Technical Solution Architect/Designer


What’s your Domain Knowledge?

  • Cloud and Data Centre
  • Contact Centre
  • Unfied Comms and collaboration
  • IT Networks & Security
  • Business APPs
  • Operation/Business Support Systems
  • Interested in joining the team?


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Optus is one of the best-known brands in Australia, with a strong history as the challenger in the marketplace, and a distinctive message. Both product and customer marketing specialists have the challenge of understanding our customers and delivering innovative products and services to keep them ahead in the telecommunications revolution.

What Positions do we offer?

  • Marketing Managers
  • Marketing Execs
  • Marketing Directors
  • Campaign Analysts
  • Insights Analysts
  • Data Scientists
  • Internal Comms


Which Part are you?

  • Brand
  • Product marketing
  • Marcomms
  • Retention vs. Acquisition
  • Online vs. Offline


The Environment

  • Great energy driven by outcomes
  • Fun
  • Motivated
  • Customer-focused – put yourself in their shoes


General Skills

  • End-to-end campaign management
  • Great communication skills
  • Energetic/driven
  • Push the boundaries, do new stuff
  • Good communication and presentation skills
  • Naturally inquisitive
  • Creative
  • Work with different departments such as Finance or Sales
  • Experience with telco products and services (occasional)


Data Driven Marketing

  • Stats background and capabilities modelling
  • Data driven and analytics systems: Excel, SQL, SAS, R, Qlikview


Your Types of Market

  • Mass market – new and existing
  • B2B
  • Wholesale
  • SMB
  • Online



  • Fixed = broadband, landline, Optus TV with Fetch
  • Mobile = Prepaid/Postpaid plans
  • Services = Vale Added, Business


Interested in joining the team?

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Professionals specialising in environmental sustainability, carbon foot print, andcarbon trading.

Our environmental team supports our commitment to minimising the impact of our operations. They help identify key environmental issues for our organisation on pollution, waste, recycling, and sustainability and ensure we are conducting all matters of business in an environmentally sound manner.

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Sales, it’s more than retail!

At Optus, our ambition is to become the worlds most loved and recommended service brand. Yes might be a little word but the plans we've got for it are pretty huge…

We’re always on the lookout for amazing sales people who can put the attitude of ‘YES’ into everything they do.

Which sales area are you interested in?

  • Retail
  • Online
  • Telesales

Product knowledge:

Fixed – broadband, landline, Optus TV

Mobile – postpaid/prepaid plans

Services – value added services



Product knowledge:

Domain knowledge

Cloud and data centre

Unified comms and collaboration

Business apps

IT networks and security

Contact centre

Operation/business support systems


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Internal Communications

Our internal communications team specialise in engaging our organisation's workforce and distributing information to them via numerous technological platforms. They work closely with the Corporate Affairs team and other parts of legal and regulatory.

View opportunities in internal communications.

Data Analytics

Professionals with the ability to manipulate large data sets and apply statistical techniques, models and algorithms.

View opportunities in data analytics.

Occupational Health And Safety

Our Occupational Health &Safety team focuses on the safety, health and welfare of our employees. Part of their role includes the maintenance and promotion of workers’ health and working capacity.

They also drive improvement of the working environment in accordance with safety and health, and move work organizations and working cultures in a direction which supports health and safety at work.

And in doing so they promote a positive social climate, smooth operation and enhanced productivity.

Sound like the kind of role you’re looking for?

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Supply Chain And Procurement

The primary responsibility for Supply Chain/Procurement roles is to ensure that Optus receives maximum commercial value and minimum commercial risk in each transaction with vendors.

Thus, some roles in Procurement are quite “systems” focused, while others concentrate primarily on dealing with people.


Warehousing and distribution, Category Managers, Procurement Operations professionals.

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In an ever-changing telecommunications market it is vital that Optus stays one step ahead of the competition. This is where our small but dedicated strategy teams come in.

The strategy teams are accountable for evaluating and developing future strategies designed to drive improvement in profit and performance.

The teams identify specific business actions leading to strategic differentiation and superior customer satisfaction.

Another crucial function of the strategy teams is to undertake strategic analysis of the competitive environment and emerging business opportunities. They evaluate technology from a commercial perspective and develop alternative strategies for Optus’ future.

Strategy consultants, Mergers and Acquisition, business development (exploration of concepts for new products/markets)

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