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Inbound: 1300 & 1800 & 13 Services

Optus Total Access Services (also known as Inbound Voice
Solutions) are the primary access points for customers to make contact with your organisation. Optus Wholesale offers competitive and flexible pricing and can tailor cost-effective business solutions based on overall preference and traffic profile.

With Optus Total Access Services you can:

  • increase customer expenditure
  • grow your customer base
  • service customers seeking a total voice package

Features and Benefits

Network Reliability and Security
Development from within the telecommunications industry has resulted in an increasing number of Carriage Service Providers supplying various voice services.

Calls may be transited via a combination of networks (or other methods), often resulting in frequent congestion or in some cases, incompletion of calls.
At Optus Wholesale, we understand the importance of delivering calls to your customers’ services successfully each and every time. The Optus network enjoys a strong reputation for quality and performance, giving you the confidence that Optus will carry your inbound services with the superior reliability and consistency that these services demand.

Product Suite

Contact 13
A 13 service is six digits in length, making it short and memorable to customers. Callers to a 13 service in Australia pay a local call charge to access these services.

Contact 1300
Similar to the 13 service but ten digits in length, callers to a 1300 service in Australia pay a local call charge to access these services.

Freelink 1800
Calls made to a 1800 service from a landline in Australia are free to the calling party making this ten digit number popular with customers and callers alike.

International Toll Free Services
Our Global Free Access Product enables you to establish an International toll free service in the country of your choice, with calls being routed back to Australia.
Our Universal Free Access Product allows that same International toll free service to be called from multiple counties worldwide; with calls being routed back to Australia.
International Toll Free products provide you the opportunity to position yourself globally, by allowing International callers the ability to contact you in Australia at no cost to the caller.

Inbound Number Portability
Inbound Number portability is now established in Australia. Portability allows you to choose your preferred Service Provider for Local Rate (13/1300) and Freephone (1800) services, while retaining your existing Inbound numbers.
Porting of your Inbound Services to Optus Wholesale requires the simple completion of a Porting Authority Form, and once paperwork is received at Optus, porting can take less than a day to complete. The entire portability process is seamless and, more importantly, transparent to your customers and callers to the Inbound Services.


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