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Satellite Solutions
Broadcast Services VSAT Services

Full time point to multipoint satellite encrypted audio broadcast service designed for narrowcasting in Australia & New Zealand.

Optus Aurora
Advanced digital satellite platform delivering a wide range of video and audio services to virtually anywhere in Australia.

Optus Global VideoConnect
Full time broadcast quality video transmission services into & out of Australia.

Optus HomeCast
Full time point to multipoint, satellite and terrestrial based video service for the delivery of subscription television to areas of Australia.

Optus MultiCast
Private encrypted point to multipoint video satellite service for reception in Australia & New Zealand. Full time and part time options available.

Optus RemoteCast
Full time point to multipoint satellite broadcast service designed to deliver free-to-air public and commercial broadcast service to remote areas of Australia.

Optus VideoConnect - Full Time
Full time video & audio contribution and distribution services. It can be a point to multipoint or multipoint to multipoint intended for carriage of TV network signals between studios or between studios and re-transmission sites.

Optus VideoConnect Part Time
Occasional video satellite capacity offered in 9MHz segments with Australia & New Zealand coverage.

Optus SatData
Optus SatData is a two-way satellite service that enables broadband speed IP data services to be provided across Australia and New Zealand.

Optus SatData International
Using third party satellites accessed via Optus International Teleports, this service provides fixed bandwidth data carriage between organisations in Australia and their off-shore branches located within the footprint coverage of satellites accessed

Optus SatWeb
Optus SatWeb is an 'always on' IP based satellite broadband product that provides reliable, high speed internet connectivity to remote users across Australia and New Zealand.

Optus SatLearn
Interactive Distance Learning Solution via satellite that enables efficient dissemination of information to staff either through formal training sessions or ad-hoc interactive presentations.

Mobile Satellite Services
Mobile satellite service provides digital coverage throughout Australia and at least 200 kilometres out to sea.

Professional Services
Professional Services
Provides a range of specialist services, including satellite control, system design, provision and management of TT&C Earth Stations, provision of Transfer Orbit Services and Satellite Operations and consulting services.

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