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Mobile Solutions
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Pre-Paid Mobile
Optus Wholesale enables its Service Providers to offer a comprehensive range of pre-paid mobile services. By leveraging our world-class mobile network, SPs can offer their customers extensive coverage, high performance and a rich range of value-added services and add-on options.

IVR Options

Optus Wholesale offers a variety of Interactive Voice Response (IVR) options for Service Providers who resell Pre-Paid Mobile services. These options provide the flexibility to integrate with Service Provider's existing IVR services, or leverage the Optus Wholesale Pre-Paid Mobile IVR platform.

Recharge Options

Optus Wholesale Pre-Paid Mobile Recharge Options provide Service Providers with a strategic opportunity to offer their customers a variety of recharge options on their pre-paid mobile service. They can offer customers a choice of using voucher PINs or a direct M-commerce interface integrated with the Service Provider website.

SIM Kitting
Optus Wholesale Pre-Paid Mobile SIM Kitting is a value-added service allowing a Service Provider to custom design their retail SIM packs and also create handset bundles that reflect a Service Provider's unique brand.

Single Purse
Where Service Providers have multiple services to offer their mobile customers - for example, voice and data services - Service Providers can bundle these so that their customers need only manage one balance for all services. This can minimise their original investment as they need not pre-load both a voice service and a data service with an initial minimum balance. *Only available under certain conditions.

Post-Paid Mobile Voice & VAS
With a history of mobile network innovation, Optus offers an Australian-leading service to both consumer and business mobile users. Optus Wholesale enables Service Providers to deliver a mobile service to their own customers, without having to build their own network infrastructure.

BlackBerry Internet Service
BlackBerry® Internet Service provides Service Providers with a strategic opportunity to take advantage of the booming mobile email and web market. BlackBerry® Internet Service is specifically targeted at Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) business customers and consumers.

BlackBerry Enterprise Service
BlackBerry® Enterprise Service provides Service Providers with a strategic opportunity to take advantage of the booming mobile email and web market. BlackBerry® Enterprise Service is specifically targeted at Medium Enterprise (SME) business customers and larger corporations.

Microsoft Windows Mobile Email
Microsoft Windows Mobile Email - is a revenue generating value-add for Service Providers and a fast and convenient way for their customers to access Mobile Email. It leverages the highly familiar Microsoft Windows environment, supported on a rich choice of 3G devices.

Mobile Content
Optus Wholesale offers Service Providers access to certain parts of Optus Zoo and the ability to offer customers their own branded Mobile Content Portal which they can customise to their content preferences on their mobile device. *Subject to certain conditions on availability of content.

Mobile Data Packs
Mobile Data Packs enable Service Providers to enter the rapidly expanding non-SMS mobile data market. By offering Mobile Data Packs as a value-add to their current mobile product mix, Service Providers can deliver superior mobile Internet value to their customers, encouraging migration to 3G devices and driving new customer acquisition.

Mobile Devices
Optus Wholesale understands the highly dynamic and competitive mobile device marketplace. So, we’ve developed a comprehensive support network for Service Providers - to keep you across the latest 3G technology, continually increase profitability and deliver innovative after-market support.

Optus Thuraya
Combining the reach of the Optus GSM and Thuraya Satellite services, Thuraya can solve coverage issues for mobile users - whether in the bush, at sea (within the coverage area) or abroad (through the use of GSM roaming) - with a flexible, seamless service, wherever there is direct line of sight to the Thuraya satellites. *Coverage and availability subject to certain conditions.
Consumer Broadband
Optus Wireless Broadband Layer 2 & 3
Optus Wholesale Wireless Broadband services enable Service Providers to offer their consumer base an easy-to-use broadband data service based on the Optus Dual Band (2100MHz/900MHz) Mobile network.

Wireless Modems
Optus Wholesale provide a choice of wireless modems to support Service Providers in offering the Wireless Broadband Layer 2 & 3 service.

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