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Fixed Solutions
Consumer Broadband

Residential Broadband & Telephony
Optus Wholesale Residential Broadband and Telephony services enable Service Providers to offer their consumer base a range of traditional telephony services, enhanced by value-added call features, as well as high-speed ADSL2+ broadband services to the home.

BusinessNet Premier Multilines
Optus Wholesale BusinessNet Premier Multilines is a digital voice service suitable for your business and government customers to connect to the PSTN. It offers high usage direct digital connection from your or your customer's PABX to the Optus exchange supporting up to 30 trunk lines per 2 Mbps digital stream.

Call Termination Service
The Optus Wholesale Call Termination Service allows Carriers and Carriage Service Providers (C/CSPs) to terminate their end customers' voice traffic to other carrier networks via Optus to meet their regulatory obligations. Call Termination Service and International Call Termination Service are directly connected telephony services providing a one-way interconnect service to C/CSPs - enabling you to terminate your fixed and mobile voice traffic to Optus other carrier networks.

Carrier Interconnect
Optus Wholesale's Carrier Interconnect product provides interconnection of new and existing Carrier's and Carriage Service Provider's Networks to the Optus Network for Declared and Non-Declared Services.

Switched Long Distance
Switched Long Distance is the usage component for BNP Multilines, Wholesale Evolve Voice and Call Termination Service, providing competitive Local, National, Mobile, International and special service call rates.

Switchless Long Distance
Optus Wholesale Switchless Long Distance allows a Service Provider's business customers to maintain existing connections to another carrier, but at the same time have Optus switch, charge and bill certain types of calls, including national, international and fax calls. Switchless Long Distance enables a Service Provider to offer a high-quality voice service to their business customers, without having to build or manage their own voice switching infrastructure.

Total Access Service
Optus Wholesale Total Access Services are inbound voice solutions which provide the primary access points for a Service Provider's business customers to receive calls from their own domestic customers. They enable businesses to promote one or more numbers which can be called for no cost or at local rates, regardless of the caller's location within Australia.

Total Access Service - GFA/UFA
Optus Wholesale Total Access Services Global Free Access and Universal Free Access are members of the Optus Wholesale family of highly flexible, low-cost inbound numbers that provide a convenient and cost effective way for callers to contact a business from anywhere. These International Optus Wholesale Total Access Services enable Service Providers to deliver a total voice package to their business customers, by providing a way for their international callers to contact them toll-free from a fixed line service.

Network Interactive Voice Response
The way businesses communicate with their customers is critical to their success. Optus Wholesale Network Interactive Voice Response (Network IVR) enables their inbound customers to play specific messages to callers, collect a response and route the call accordingly. Based on Optus' Intelligent Network technology, Network IVR adds value to Optus Wholesale Total Access Services by enabling Service Provider's business customers to tailor how they communicate with their own customers.

Total Access Services - Inbound services Management tool
The Optus Wholesale Inbound Services Management Tool provides an on-line portal for immediate response to changes in a Service Provider's customers' telephony requirements. As part of the Optus Total Access Service Inbound telephony solutions, it allows Service Providers to manage on-going modifications to their customers' dynamic routing requirements.

Total Access Services - SMS on 13
Optus Wholesale Total Access Services provide a convenient way for a Service Provider's business customers to receive inbound contact from their own customers. A family of inbound telephony solutions, it not only allows a Service Provider's customers to receive inbound phone calls, but now SMS messages on the same telephone number.

Wholesale Evolve Voice
Wholesale Evolve Voice provides a flexible, scalable and reliable telephony service designed for connection to the PSTN via an IP PBX using IP trunking. Based on Optus' new generation IP network, Wholesale Evolve Voice removes the need for separate access connections for both voice and data.
EXPAN Co-location allows Service Providers to maximise their Internet-based operation and, at the same time, minimise the investment required to support it. By utilising space in our state-of-the-art Data Centre, business systems are located at the gateway to the Optus international Internet and benefit from direct high-speed connectivity in a physically secure, managed facility.

Wholesale Evolve Internet
Wholesale Evolve Internet is a comprehensive Internet package providing fast and reliable Internet access via the Optus Evolveā„¢ Network. Evolve Internet provides a range of flexible Internet services including Tier-1 IP Transit service to support Carriers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) whilst also offering a business-grade Internet access solution that supports the need for all businesses.
International Data
Connect Plus
Optus Wholesale ConnectPlus service is a suite of international data services by leveraging SingTel's extensive submaine cable network. ConnectPlus ILC is a point-to-point international leased line service used to transport a customer's data communications between two countries. ConnectPlus IP VPN delivers an IP-based virtual private network, which provides secure and reliable WAN connectivity through a shared network environment and offers the flexibility of secure remote access for users on the move or at remote sites.

Lightlink & Lightlink Plus
Lightlink is a high-quality International Private Leased Circuit (IPLC) service, an internationally dedicated point-to-point digital data-service. Provided by Optus and an International carrier, both supply one half of the-end-to-end service. Optus Lightlink PLUS is a high-quality end-to-end IPLC service, an internationally dedicated point-to-point digital data service. It currently only serves between Australia and New Zealand via Optus' wholly owned cable capacity.
Domestic Data and Access
Broadlink offers a range of point-to-point and point-to-multipoint full duplex high-speed digital data services. These services are available within and between major metropolitan areas of Australian capital cities, via Optus fibre, radio, or business grade DSL customer access network. Coverage may be extended from capital cities to regional locations, subject to certain conditions.

Optus Wholesale E-Link is a reliable, technically-advanced and seamless national Ethernet service. This domestic data and access solution provides quality high-speed Ethernet services using Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) protected Ethernet Layer-2 network delivery capabilities to your customers.

Wholesale Carrier Ethernet
Wholesale Carrier Ethernet provides Service Providers with a strategic opportunity to take advantage of the growing demand for Ethernet services, predicted to be the access method of choice in the convergence era. A reliable and technically-advanced seamless national Ethernet service, it offers native Ethernet within the metropolitan areas of and between six Australian capital cities.

Wholesale Evolve IP VPN
Market dynamics have changed with customers now requiring voice, data, video, Internet and other services on a single access link. Optus Wholesale Evolve IP VPN is a fully meshed any-to-any secure layer 3 VPN using multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) via a variety of fixed and wireless access methods.

The Optus Wholesale XYZed product suite enables Service Providers to provide business-grade xDSL services to their customers. It offers different Quality of Service (QoS) levels, which are suitable for a range of business applications including digital voice, video conferencing and data services.

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