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iPhone Pricing on the $79 Optus Cap:

Handset repayments will be partially offset by a handset credit, which pays back a portion of your handset repayments. The credits will cease once the repayments are complete, or if you cancel your contract or early upgrade.

On the 24 month $79 Optus Cap

Device Handset repayment Handset credit Net repayment Min Total Cost
iPhone 4 8GB $20 $20 $0 $1,896
iPhone 4S 16GB $20 $20 $0 $1,896
iPhone 4S 32GB $20 $20 $0 $1,896
iPhone 4S 64GB $27 $20 $7 $2,064

On the 12 Month $79 Optus Cap:

Device Handset repayment Handset credit Net repayment Min Total Cost
iPhone 4 8GB $39 $20 $19 $1,176
iPhone 4S 16GB $48 $20 $28 $1,284
iPhone 4S 32GB $58 $20 $38 $1,404
iPhone 4S 64GB $67 $20 $47 $1,512

Optus Cap $79 Plan Inclusions

Minimum Monthly Access Fee (excluding any handset repayments) $79
Included Cap Value1 (Calls and Text to Australian GSM mobiles) $900
Included Data 3GB Data2
Bonus Unlimited3 mobile access within Australia to Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn, MySpace, eBay and Foursquare within Australia
'yes' for 5 Included 5 minute voice calls to mobiles on the same account, 24/74 Yes
Call rate to Australian GSM mobiles (per min) 90c
Flagfall 35c
Standard SMS (per message) to Australian GSM mobiles (excl. Pivotel) Unlimited5
Standard MMS (per message) to Australian GSM mobiles (excl. Pivotel) 50c
International SMS (per message) 50c
International MMS (per message) 75c
Standard Video call to Australian GSM mobiles (per min) $1
International Video call to Australian GSM mobiles (per min) $1.50 + 35c flagfall
Voicemail deposits & retrievals $0 deposit / 30c per 30 seconds retrieval
Excess Data Usage $0.25 per MB
Bonus Benefits (Only available to online customers) 25% off Smart Insurance6
$10 myZoo content free every month7
50 Free 124YES searches per month8

1Included Value: can be used for standard national voice calls, standard national SMS and MMS, International SMS, national video calls, VoiceMail, national diversions and calls to 13/1300 and 1800 numbers. Exclusions: calls to 124 YES (937), International Voice including calls to fixed lines or GSM mobiles that switch/divert or re-route overseas, International Diversions, International Video, International Roaming, International MMS, International Video Calling, Optus Zoo Browsing, Optus Zoo Downloads, Content Packs (unless specified in promotions), Mobile Internet usage, TrueLocal usage, Directory Assistance, SurePage, Premium Calls, calls & SMS to Pivotel, calls & SMS to satellite phones, SMS and MMS, VOIP services and usage, and 19XX services. If you exceed the included value in any one billing period, standard rates of your plan will apply.

2Included Mobile Internet Data Value: can be used to access services on Optus Zoo or iZoo, browsing the Internet from your mobile and Mobile as Modem access. Exclusions: can not be used for Voice and Video calls, VoiceMail, International SMS and MMS, premium and Third Party SMS, Optus Zoo or iZoo and Third Party content purchases and subscription fees, 1300, 1800, 1900, SurePage, VPN data usage and data used while roaming internationally. If you access such services, you will be charged at prevailing rates.

3Unlimited mobile access to Facebook®, Twitter®, LinkedIn, MySpace, Ebay & Four Square within Australia: for use within Australia only and requires compatible handset. Excludes social media SMS or other alert services set up by you. Optus Mobile Fair Go™ Policy applies. Facebook and the Facebook logo are registered trademarks of Facebook, Inc. Twitter and the Twitter logo are trademarks of Twitter Inc. Ebay: eBay and the eBay logo are trademarks of eBay Inc. All rights reserved. Linkedin and the LinkedIn logo are registered trademarks of LinkedIn Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. All rights reserved. Foursquare: and the Foursquare logo are registered trademarks of Foursquare Labs, Inc. All rights reserved.

4’yes’ for 5:Applies to national voice calls to other Optus GSM Mobile services on the same customer account number. Standard call rates of your plan apply after the first 5 minutes. Optus Mobile Fair Go™ Policy applies up to 1000 minutes per month.

5 Unlimited Standard SMS & MMS: is only applicable for standard SMS and MMS sent and received within Australia. Excludes International SMS and MMS, Premium SMS and MMS, Group and Email SMS and MMS and Satellite or Pivotel SMS & MMS. Optus Mobile Fair GoTM Policy applies.

6 25% off Smartphone Insurance: Optus Mobile Insurance is optional. Customers on eligible plans are entitled to 25% discount on their Smartphone insurance. Customers opting in to Optus Smart Insurance Plan will be charged $10.49 per month instead of $13.99 per month. If the customer moves to an ineligible plan, they will be charged the full $13.99 per month going forward. This service can be cancelled at any time. Ask Optus for a Product Disclosure Statement to see if Optus Mobile Insurance is right for you.

7 $10 myZoo content free every month: $10 worth of content can be purchased from Optus myZoo stores. Standard data charges apply for browsing and downloading content. See www.optuszoo.com.au for details. Apple iPhone handsets cannot directly access the myZoo store. Apps are available on compatible 3G handsets. Purchases exceeding $10 total value per month will be charged at the advertised rate and added to your next mobile bill. Free credit does not rollover to the next month and will expire at the end of the bill cycle if not used. Credit is non-transferable. Refer to website for full terms and conditions of my Zoo website purchases.

850 Free 124YES searches per month: Connection fee of $1.50 and standard call rate is waived when using the 124YES service for 50 124YES calls in a given bill cycle. If you make over 50 124Yes searches, your first 50 searches may not be the 50 we credit you for. Where applicable, additional charges apply if you choose to receive details by SMS. Excess usage will incur usual connection fees and standard call rates.

General:Optus Mobile Fair Go™ Policy applies to all unlimited offers and ‘yes’ for 5. Optus 3G (2100MHz) handset can provide access to 3G services in the Optus 3G single band coverage area. Requires 3G dual band (2100/900MHz) handset in Optus 3G dual band coverage area. Outside these areas, service will fall back to our Optus 2G/GSM/GPRS network. For full coverage information, go to optus.com.au/coverage.

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