How to Add or Remove Additional Email Accounts

My Account gives you the power to add, edit or remove additional (secondary) OptusNet Email accounts, anytime, anywhere.

What's the difference between primary and secondary email accounts?

Primary username / password

Please note: The primary account's username cannot be changed online, you can view reset its password however.

Each Broadband service has a single primary username/password that is for the exclusive use of the account holder to access Member Services, My Account and their OptusNet Email account.

  • View your usage, bills online
  • Setup
  • Access your My Account profile
  • Access the primary OptusNet Email account
  • Add / remove up to 14 additional (4 for older plans) secondary usernames for email access ~ excludes Prepaid Mobile Broadband

Secondary accounts/usernames ~ excludes Prepaid Mobile Broadband

  • Can be added/ removed in My Account by the account holder for family members at no additional cost (up to 14 additional, 4 for older plans can be added).
  • Provide each secondary account access to its own OptusNet email address, inbox and free email service

How to view, add or remove secondary email accounts

If you know your My Account log in details, you can see and edit all linked email accounts and change their associated passwords in My Account. If you can't remember your My Account log in details, see this article first.

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How to view, add or remove email usernames in My Account

1.  Log in with your My Account username, not your service or phone number
2.  Follow steps A & B as shown in the image below

Image showing navigation to service listing

3. Select your Fixed or Mobile Broadband service then click its 'Settings' tab

Image showing navigation to settings tab

4. In the 'Settings' tab go to the 'My Optus Email Accounts' option and click 'Manage'

Image showing OptusNet account options in My Account

5.  In the 'Email Accounts' screen you can view, add or remove secondary accounts or edit your primary or secondary account passwords by following the prompts.

  • If you delete a secondary email account, it cannot be recovered 

Image showing username and passwords options

To add a secondary email account

  • Follow the steps above, then next to 'Secondary email accounts': Click 'Add email account'
  • Give the new email account a name, select a username then check if the username is available. Then select a password
  • Your new secondary email account will become available within 15 minutes and can be accessed online from here.

To remove a secondary email account

Please note: Secondary email accounts cannot be recovered once theyve been deleted 

  • Follow the steps above, then under 'Secondary email accounts', locate the secondary account you want to remove.
  • Click 'Delete' then confirm your request by clicking 'Delete' again

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