How to Check Your Shared Data Usage: Mobile Phone & Mobile Broadband

If you're on My Plan Plus, My Plan Business (including SIM Only) or have a My Mobile Broadband Plus / Mobile Broadband, it's easy to check your Shared Data Pool usage.

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Using your mobile phone or tablet: via our App

Checking usage with the  My Optus App is simple, just get the latest version, open the app and your Shared Data Pool usage will be available on the main screen 24/7.

Check out this article if you need more info on the My Optus App.

Using your PC: My Account

To view your shared data and data pool usage for My Plan, My Plan Plus, Cap Plan, and all other plans log into My Account.

How Often is Usage Updated?

It may take up to 48 hours for recent usage to show in My Optus App / My Account. For this reason, the usage information should only be used as a guide.

This can be due to delays between our usage alert system and My Optus App / My Account. It is best to check the timestamp in My Optus App / My Account, to see when the usage was last updated.