Add or Remove Speed Packs: Cable & NBN Broadband

If you'd like to add a speed pack to your NBN or Cable Broadband service or just want to know more, check out the info below.

Unfortunately additional speed packs are not available for Optus Direct Broadband services (ADSL 2+ customers)

What do I need to know about internet speeds?

Learn how different technologies and other variables can affect internet speed on this page.

What speed packs are available?

You can check out our current speed packs here, Cable customers have equivalent options to the NBN speed tiers/pricing shown on the linked page, please note though that Cable upload speeds are limited to 2 Mbps as outlined here.

Aside from the additional monthly cost of an added speed pack, there are no further charges for changing your speed tier. However it's important to understand that you can only change your speed pack once per billing month.

If you're on an older plan (a “legacy plan” that's no longer available to new customers), you can see speed packs here.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my speed?

Keep in mind you can only change your speed pack once per billing month.

  • If you're an existing Cable Broadband customer, please call customer care on this contact number
  • If you're an existing NBN Broadband customer, please call NBN support on this contact number
  • If you're new to Optus, simply ask for a speed pack when you purchase.

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