International Roaming: Postpaid Travel Packs

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Postpaid Mobile Phone or Postpaid Mobile Broadband customers can get greater value and stay in control when roaming overseas with Optus Travel Packs. They provide a set amount of daily value for use in Zone 1 countries around the world.

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Looking for a Prepaid Mobile Broadband Travel Pack?

Prepaid Travel Data Packs work a bit differently, see this page instead for all the info.

Where can I use an Optus Travel Pack?

To keep things simple, we've split the world into 2 zones with all participating countries categorised as either zone 1 or zone 2. Optus Travel Packs are available for use in zone 1 countries only. However standard voice calls and SMS to a zone 2 country from a zone 1 country are included.

Where is Zone 1?

Zone 1 includes countries throughout Europe, Asia, North America, United Kingdom & Oceania. Take a look at the maps on this page to see all of them, there are heaps!

What's included in an Optus Travel Pack?

Optus Travel Packs for Postpaid services are just $10 per day and can cover a period of up to 31 consecutive days. Some of our newer Small Business plans provide a reduced Travel Pack rate of $5 per day, with others even providing roaming allowance within the plan itself at no extra cost! For more details on these plans, please click here.

Postpaid Mobile Phone Travel Packs

For each day you nominate, you get unlimited standard national voice and standard international voice calls, unlimited standard SMS (MMS is excluded) and up to 50 MB of roaming data to use. If you activate multiple consecutive days, the data allowance will accumulate for use anytime over the consecutive day period. E.g. With a 3 day Optus Travel Pack you'll get unlimited standard voice calls, SMS and 150 MB of roaming data for $30. You can then use that combined total of 150 MB of data in just one day or over the course of those 3 days, it's your choice!

If you’re on a $135 My Plan Plus/My Plan Business plan and purchased up until 4th January 2016, you can activate and get credited for up to 10 days of the Optus Travel Pack per billing month.  You will just need to ensure that you activate the Optus Travel Pack prior to travelling.  This can be arranged via My Account, My Optus App or by contacting Optus. Please note that unused credit days of Optus Travel Pack do not roll over to the next billing month and the data cannot be shared as part of your Data Pool.

Postpaid Mobile Broadband Travel Data Packs

For each day you nominate, you get up to 70 MB of roaming data to use or combine if your Travel Pack covers a number of consecutive days.

E.g. With a 5 day Mobile Broadband Travel Data Pack you'd get a total of 350 MB of roaming data for $50. You can then use that combined total of 350 MB of data in just one day or over the course of those 5 days, it's your choice!

What's not included in an Optus Travel Pack?

The following usage is not included in an Optus Travel Pack / Optus Travel Data Pack. Standard pay-as-you-go rates will apply.

  • MMS (picture messaging)
  • Video calls / messaging
  • Cruise ship, Inmarsat & any other maritime usage
  • Aerospace / airplane usage
  • Usage that originates from a country in zone 2
  • Usage that originates from Australia
  • Call diversions to an Australian number or a number in the local zone country
  • Calls or messages to premium / special services
  • Calls or messages to directory / operator services
  • Reverse charge calls / Collect calls
  • Satellite services e.g. MobileSat, Thuraya
  • Usage via a service provider that does not have an international roaming agreement with Optus.
  • The ability to share Travel Pack data with your Data Pool.

Please note this is not a complete list, for more info take a look at our T&C's or the Optus Travel website.

How do I buy an Optus Travel Pack?

You've got 3 options. If you want your Travel Pack to start within 3 days, you can use My AccountMy Optus app or the My Optus Tablet App. If you want to book further ahead, call us on 133 937 from Australia or on  +61 2 8082 5678 if you're already away. (Calls to this number from an Optus Roaming Mobile Phone are free.)

Just make sure you know the date or dates you want your Travel Pack to cover, and we'll do the rest.

Days, dates & time zones

Should the dates I select be in the country's local time or Australian time?

The days/ dates that you nominate for your Travel Pack must match the dates locally in the country or countries that you're visiting.

Can I buy and use a Travel Pack on the same day?

Yes, but only if the dates are the same in Australia and the country that you're travelling in. So there may be times and places where you'll not be able to purchase a Travel Pack for same day use.

E.g. If you're travelling in the USA and it's the 30th of the month, but it's already the 31st of the month in Australia due to the time zone difference, you won't be able to purchase a Travel Pack for use on that day.

How many consecutive days does a Travel Pack cover?

It's up to you! The maximum though is 31. Once a Travel Pack expires a new pack can be purchased.

How far in advance can I purchase a Travel Pack?

Up to 31 days in advance by calling us or up to 3 days ahead if you're purchasing them in My Account or via the My Optus app.

If you are on a $135 My Plan Plus/My Plan Business plan purchased up to 4th January 2016, you can activate your plans Optus Travel Pack inclusions up to 31 days in advance by calling Optus or up to 3 days ahead if you are activating them in My Account or via My Optus App.

Can I change the dates of a pre-purchased Travel Pack?

Yes. However you must do this before the original start date that you gave us. To make a change, call us on 133 937 (before you leave) or on +61 2 8082 5678 if you're already away. (This number is free to call from an Optus Mobile Phone when roaming overseas)

What happens if I exceed the included data in a Travel Pack?

You'll simply be billed at our regular roaming rates for data in 10KB increments. So keep an eye on your usage. You can get an estimate of your roaming data usage in My Account. See this article for details.

What happens if I don't use all of a Travel Pack's value?

Travel Pack value is not pro-rated, so make the most of the value that you get!